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      split utility bits into a private statically linked library · cd68aa0a
      David Zeuthen authored
      getting closer...
      $ grep glib *.c
      polkit-authorization.c:#include <glib.h>
      polkit-authorization-db.c:#include <glib.h>
      polkit-authorization-db-dummy.c:#include <glib.h>
      polkit-config.c:#include <glib.h>
      polkit-context.c:#include <glib.h>
      polkit-sysdeps.c:#include <glib.h>
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      gracefully handle bad config/policy files, drop polkit-reload-config, syslog · 07b101ec
      David Zeuthen authored
       - don't abort/malfunction if the /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf
         configuration file is malformed; simply just continue as normal
         but return 'no' to every question asked. Also use syslog(3) to
         report this to the system log
       - if a .policy file is malformed, simply skip it and still include
         other well-formed .policy files. Use syslog(3) to report if indeed
         a .policy file is malformed.
       - drop /var/lib/PolicyKit/reload and rely on inotify to detect changes to
         - /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf
         - Policy files in /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy
         - privileges in /var/lib/PolicyKit and /var/run/PolicyKit
      As a result, changes made to /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf (typically
      an admin edits this file) and .policy files (typically these can
      change on package upgrades) in /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy are
      instantly picked up.
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      remove all usage of glib from the header files · 192f04ce
      David Zeuthen authored
      This paves the way for getting rid of a glib dependency; when and if
      that happens is to be determined; right now it just doesn't make a lot
      of sense to reimplement GKeyFile, GSList, GHashTable, g_spawn_sync and
      other useful routines. But it might make sense if we want to get the
      message bus daemon to link with libpolkit so you e.g. can say
       <policy polkit="acme-frobnicate">
         <allow send_interface="com.acme.Frobnicator"
      to allow a caller on the system message bus to access that interface
      if, and only if, he can do the "acme-frobnicate" action according to
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