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update NEWS for release

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PolicyKit 0.8 ""
PolicyKit 0.8 "The Ties That Bind"
Released on April 16 2008.
This release should be ABI compatible with PolicyKit 0.6 and later.
NOTE NOTE NOTE: The permissions and modes of certain files has changed
since PolicyKit 0.7. Make sure to update your spec files
to reflect this. See the output of configure for details.
Carlos Corbacho (4):
remove unncessary PAM header inclusions
split out authentication framework from authorisation database
add Shadow authentication framework
also add the new C file for the shadow helper
David Zeuthen (33):
be more precise about permissions in the blurb at the end of configure
post release version bump to 0.8
use strlen to avoid writing garbage at the end of the test auth file
add bogus Returns: to make gtk-doc happy
add constraints for exe and SELinux context when granting an authorization
add note about new polkit-resolve-exe-helper
add additional checks when using strtoul
add docs and bash completion bits for new exe and selinux_context constraints
fix typo in docs
make the docs show an index of new symbols in 0.8
make polkit-grant-helper-pam world readable
actually check for bash in
avoid use normal timeout when showing auth dialog; use INT_MAX instead
fix doc in bugs for PolKitContextAddIOWatch
make polkit-policy-file-validate require that actions are properly packaged
add convenience API to consistently report authorization failures over D-Bus
also add polkit_dbus_error_parse_from_strings() function
fix typo in docs for polkit_dbus_error_parse_from_strings()
don't check key/values in KitHash; they are not neccesarily pointers
invalidate memory cache after revoking one shot authorization
remove debug spew
remove more debug spew
print stack traces for where leaks were allocated
clear the right block when growing a string
don't leak the copied authorizations list on OOM
fix build when tests are disabled
don't include libkit api docs
fix issue where users allowed to change defaults can delete override files
print warning to stderr if a policy file is malformed and we're ignoring it
ensure object is first in the list/hash iterator callback functions
be careful about what symbols we export
update NEWS for release
Holger Macht (1):
avoid reliance on DT_REG so we work on reiserfs as well
Jim Li (1):
add support for Solaris platform
Jim Meyering (5):
handle kit_strdup_printf failure.
remove unnecessary strdup.
(do_auth): rename local: s/buf/password/
avoid unnecessary/leaky use of strdup.
handle kit_strdup failure.
Kees Cook (1):
fix for CVE-2008-1658: format string vulnerability in password input
PolicyKit 0.7 "Common sense ain't common"
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