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PolicyKit 0.5 "Urban Living"
Released on August 31st 2007.
This is the third release of PolicyKit. Since 0.4 both source- and
file-format level incomptible changes have been introduced. Accordingly,
the library so-names have been bumped to reflect this. Porting effort
should be minimal though; see the example in PolicyKit-gnome for details.
WARNING WARNING WARNING: do not use this software in a stable
distribution; there are still security sensitive things that needs to
be audited.
Changes from PolicyKit 0.4 "Off the Grid"
Danny Kukawka (3):
added missing files to git repo
fixed code documentation issues
fixed compiler warning about uid_t handling
David Zeuthen (37):
move PAM stack usage to separate helper
remove the isatty() call so it's easier to audit the helper
put back isatty() checks when calling user is not uid 0
use waitpid() to avoid Zombie processes
provide a high-level interaction diagram of how this works
post-release version number bump
use correct type for conversation_done() function
make the /var/lib/PolicyKit/reload writable for group polkituser
when granting privileges, touch the /var/lib/PolicyKit/reload file
export PolKitConfig and provide a <define_admin_auth/> config file directive
properly support i18n'ed messages from .policy files
handle the case where we don't load descriptions
make polkit-grant(1) work with <define_admin_user /> feature
make libpolkit-grant less noisy
rip out group concept from .policy files and rename <policy> element to <action>
minor doc cleanups
avoid the now defunct group concept in polkit-list-actions
gracefully handle bad config/policy files, drop polkit-reload-config, syslog
add support for annotations
give a little love to polkit-list-actions(1) and polkit-grant(1)
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
delay loading the configuration until it's needed
convert manual page sources to Docbook, add polkit-config-file-validate tool
clean up our documentation
revert "fixed code documentation issues"
fix up manual pages for some trivial errors
update inline API docs
some more doc fixes
make config file override grant database
forgot to add doc/
also add another missing file
also forgot to add polkit-docs.xml
minor doc changes
add an example of how define_admin_auth is used
make polkit-grant-helper-pam out of reach for normal users
fix 'make distcheck' by avoiding with man pages on distcheck
bump so name
update NEWS file
Richard Hughes (1):
work when SELinux is disabled
PolicyKit 0.4 "Off the Grid"
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