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PolicyKit 0.6 "There is no stopping in a red zone"
Released on October 11th 2007.
This is the fourth release of PolicyKit. There are no major changes
since 0.5 expect a) better handling of unknown XML tags in the config
and policy files (we simply ignore unknown sub-trees) to make it
easier to add features in the future; b) native support for more
distributions; and c) the addition of a <allow_any> tag to the .policy
Changes from PolicyKit 0.5 "Urban Living"
David Zeuthen (6):
post-release version bump
add specifics for the Pardus distro
add TODO item detailing how to handle upgrades
implement <allow_any> to specify default answer for any user
don't fail on unknown XML tags, just skip them
make polkit-list-actions print information about <allow_any>
Doug Goldstein (3):
gentoo OS type support
install hook for setuid/setgid
use chgrp instead of chown with group only
PolicyKit 0.5 "Urban Living"
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