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Core TODO items
- maybe rename .policy to .action for policy XML files
Needed for 1.0
- provide a polkit-validate-action-file-1 tool to check/validate
.policy/.action XML files
- write a couple of introductory sections detailing the system architecture for
- a developer-audience; and
- a system administrator audience
- write a PolicyKit 0.9.x -> polkit 1.0 porting guide
- provide a way to tweak the defaults for actions (or maybe not)
- do we need negative authorizations? If so, implement code for it, otherwise
remove it from the PolkitAuthorization class
- make sure simple operations work when no system bus is present
- e.g. %post RPM scripts adding/removing authorizations to identities
- maybe use file monitors on /var/lib/polkit-1 directories and
emit the Changed() signal
- PolkitAuthority probably needs locking around its singleton for
multithreaded backends.
- check that all public but unstable API is properly guard off with
- rethink actions shipped with PolicyKit; we probably just want something
simple like
- org.freedesktop.policykit1.localauthority.manage
very simple that only applies to the local authority backend
- some mechanisms don't run as root - how should they convey that
they are authorized to check authorizations?
- restrict symbol visibility in shared libraries
- man page review / section review
Backend TODO items
- review/restrict symbol visibility in shared libraries
- check / validate all incoming arguments
- and other security/paranoia stuff
- local files authority backend
- split out AuthorizationStore into separate class
- split out AuthenticationAgent and AuthenticationSession to separate classes
- check if callers are authorized to enumerate, add or remove authorizations
- use random cookies
- speed up lookups using a hash on the cookie
- cache Unix group information
- handle root/wheel for implicit authorizations
- includes all D-Bus interfaces and public library API
- validate D-Bus object paths everywhere
- ...and other security/paranoia stuff
- validate object paths when registering authentication agents
- allow backends to extend the syntax for subjects and identities, e.g.
have something like ipa-user:...
- make sure library API is reasonably MT-safe
- avoid watching all name owner changes in PolkitBackendAuthority and
- cache user information for dbus connections
polkit-gnome TODO items
- show a notification icon when the session/user has temporary authorizations
- along with an option to give these up
- maybe make the AuthenticationAgent process (which runs for the lifetime of
the session) spawn a process to display the authentication dialog
- to make it lighter on resource usage
- to work around Metacity focus stealing prevention bugs
PolkitBackendServer; remove the name-owner-changed vfunc
- port libpolkit-gnome to new API
GNOME Authentication Agent
- port polkit-gnome-authorization to new API
- maybe expand on the notification icon so it is more detailed
what temporary authorizations the session has - and maybe a way
to only drop some of them
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