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PolicyKit 0.9

Released on July 22 2008.

This release should be ABI compatible with PolicyKit 0.6 and later.

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David Zeuthen (10):
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      need to link with for some helpers
      fix some build stuff to so the test suites run
      fix autotools screwup
      fix typo
      always allow uid 0 to ask about authorizations for anyone
      fix up permissions / docs for certain helpers and files/directories
      update README (for the right wiki page) and COPYING (for my email address)
      update NEWS for release
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      fix 'make distcheck'
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      update NEWS again
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20 21 22 23 24

Joe Marcus Clarke (2):
      add support for FreeBSD
      remove watch on fd when reaching EOF

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PolicyKit 0.8 "The Ties That Bind"
27 28

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Released on April 16 2008.

This release should be ABI compatible with PolicyKit 0.6 and later.

33 34 35 36
NOTE NOTE NOTE: The permissions and modes of certain files has changed
                since PolicyKit 0.7. Make sure to update your spec files
                to reflect this. See the output of configure for details.

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Carlos Corbacho (4):
      remove unncessary PAM header inclusions
      split out authentication framework from authorisation database
      add Shadow authentication framework
      also add the new C file for the shadow helper

David Zeuthen (33):
      be more precise about permissions in the blurb at the end of configure
      post release version bump to 0.8
      use strlen to avoid writing garbage at the end of the test auth file
      add bogus Returns: to make gtk-doc happy
      add constraints for exe and SELinux context when granting an authorization
      add note about new polkit-resolve-exe-helper
      add additional checks when using strtoul
      add docs and bash completion bits for new exe and selinux_context constraints
      fix typo in docs
      make the docs show an index of new symbols in 0.8
      make polkit-grant-helper-pam world readable
      actually check for bash in
      avoid use normal timeout when showing auth dialog; use INT_MAX instead
      fix doc in bugs for PolKitContextAddIOWatch
      make polkit-policy-file-validate require that actions are properly packaged
      add convenience API to consistently report authorization failures over D-Bus
      also add polkit_dbus_error_parse_from_strings() function
      fix typo in docs for polkit_dbus_error_parse_from_strings()
      don't check key/values in KitHash; they are not neccesarily pointers
      invalidate memory cache after revoking one shot authorization
      remove debug spew
      remove more debug spew
      print stack traces for where leaks were allocated
      clear the right block when growing a string
      don't leak the copied authorizations list on OOM
      fix build when tests are disabled
      don't include libkit api docs
      fix issue where users allowed to change defaults can delete override files
      print warning to stderr if a policy file is malformed and we're ignoring it
      ensure object is first in the list/hash iterator callback functions
      be careful about what symbols we export
      update NEWS for release

Holger Macht (1):
      avoid reliance on DT_REG so we work on reiserfs as well

Jim Li (1):
      add support for Solaris platform

Jim Meyering (5):
      handle kit_strdup_printf failure.
      remove unnecessary strdup.
      (do_auth): rename local: s/buf/password/
      avoid unnecessary/leaky use of strdup.
      handle kit_strdup failure.

Kees Cook (1):
      fix for CVE-2008-1658: format string vulnerability in password input

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PolicyKit 0.7 "Common sense ain't common"

Released on December 5th 2007.

This is the fifth release of PolicyKit. This release is mostly ABI and
API compatible with 0.6 (100% compatible for existing mechanisms). The
authorization backend has changed; authorizations gained from earlier
PolicyKit releases are no longer valid and will be ignored.

Highlights of this release:

 o  All code is now licensed under the MIT/X11 license

 o  libpolkit and libpolkit-dbus no longer depends on libglib.

 o  Unit test framework and coverage reporting. As of this release, 64%
    of the codebase is currently tested during 'make check'.

 o  New system D-Bus service (activated on demand) providing the major
    functionality of from a mechanism point of view. This
    is useful for chroot(2)'ed services like Avahi.

 o  A class for tracking D-Bus connections to minimize the amount
    of IPC necessary. Useful for long running daemons.

 o  Pluggable authorization database backend.

 o  New API for interacting with the authorization database

 o  A very simple convenience API useful for (legacy) commandline tools.

 o  A way to specify that an implicit authorization can be one-shot

 o  Vendor name, site and icon support in .policy files.

 o  Improved documentation.

 o  Negative authorizations.

 o  Bash completions for all command line tools.

Changes from PolicyKit 0.6 "There is no stopping in a red zone"

David Zeuthen (126):
      add the convenience class PolKitTracker
      add id's so the generated HTML has stable and predictable file names
      post-release version bump
      add support to PolKitTracker for also asking on pid
      add C++ include guards and a new method to get pfe's by annotation
      avoid including regex.h from a public header file
      don't spew debug output in libpolkit-dbus
      work on the docs
      use the Since: tag so gtk-doc can print what symbols are new in 0.7
      add docs for POLKIT_[BEGIN|END]_DECLS and also add POLKIT_GNUC_DEPRECATED
      create an API for interfacing with the Authorization Database
      move POLKIT_GNUC_DEPRECATED to a separate line so gtk-doc is happy
      remember to set uid on PolKitSession
      rewrite authorization database and polkit-grant (now known as polkit-auth)
      make the authdb pluggable and add a dummy backend as an example
      move all private functions into a private header file
      move Linux specific code into a single file
      minor build system and doc fixes
      let authdb backends synthesize policy file entries
      fix build with dummy backend
      fix docs
      fix uid retrival when getting auths from all users
      use _destroy, not _unref for hash tables
      rearrange the docs so all API is in one section
      move authdb write functions to libpolkit-grant
      provide a polkit D-Bus service that is activated on demand
      remember to reset killtimer and fix an error message
      avoid defining the same functions in both libpolkit and libpolkit-grant
      rename revoke_if_oneshot to is_mechanism and also expose this on D-Bus
      make polkit_context_is_[caller|session]_authorized() take a PolKitError
      introduce one-shot authorizations
      updated TODO list
      add unit test framework with gcov coverage support (make check-coverage)
      extend test coverage for PolKitAction
      remove dead code
      add tests for PolKitError
      implement OOM testing
      add unit tests for PolKitResult
      add unit tests for PolKitSeat
      add unit tests for PolKitSession
      add unit tests for PolKitCaller
      add unit tests for PolKitPolicyDefault
      add unit tests for PolKitPolicyFileEntry
      implement our own hash table with 100% test coverage
      export memory mangement and hash table functions
      implement polkit_hash_foreach
      improve coverage of PolKitPolicyFileEntry by switching to PolKitHashTable
      add unit tests for PolKitPolicyFile and add some features to PolKitHash
      fix some unaligned access bugs
      increase test coverage for PolKitPolicyFile
      also dist test .policy files
      hook up expat to use our memory handling API
      add doubly-linked lists
      reimplement string hashing and comparison
      move all library source to a src/ directory
      fix build with all library soruce in src/
      add some gtk-doc to private bits to get doc coverage to 100%
      add test case for PolKitError to get to 100%
      use unique action names
      add unit tests of PolKitPolicyCache
      forgot to add src/
      add unit tests for PolKitAuthorizationConstraint
      add unit tests for PolKitAuthorization
      split utility bits into a private statically linked library
      also include libkit in top-level coverage report
      add strsplit function
      use kit_strsplit in polkit-sysdeps
      add (empty, for now) tests for remaining files
      add spawn function to libkit
      actually include the files with the spawn functions
      don't overflow when splitting a string
      remove glib dependency from
      tweak how we do coverage reporting
      also check for file descriptor leaks
      fix build for dummy backend
      add unit test framework to the rest of the library sources
      build system fixes and refuse to install if built with --enable-tests
      create /var/lib/misc on 'make install'
      fix parallel build
      fix a grave bug where the wrong authorizations were returned
      add API for overriding defaults and make polkit-action(1) use this API.
      restrict new API to the default backend only
      add support for vendor, vendor_url and icon_name tags in .policy files
      provide convenience functions for auth checking and port helpers to use them
      require to revoke auths for self if granted by someone else
      export the policydir in the .pc file
      add support for negative authorizations
      provide a way to force a reload of all caches etc.
      make PolKitAuthorization a bit more future proof by adding get_type()
      define abstract Authentication Agent interface and make polkit-auth(1) use it
      remove Since gtk-doc tags from the internal libkit library
      fix 'make check-coverage'
      make dummy backend work
      add support for percent encoding/decoding and colon separated kv-lists
      set errno to ENOMEM when forcibly failing an allocation
      rework the .auths file format to use key/value pairs and make it future-proof
      also encode \n\r\t characters
      update TODO
      avoid adding newline at the end of generated entry
      write newline since kit_string_entry_create doesn't do that any more
      add test harness for polkit-utils
      fix a bug where the childs environment wasn't inherited
      build with -rdynamic for maint mode and use this to print a stack trace
      add (partial) test cases for polkit-authorization-db.c
      relicense everything to the MIT/X11 license
      avoid logging to syslog even for invalid files
      only fail the Nth alloc, not all allocs greater than N
      add test-friendly abstractions for getpwnam and getpwuid
      fix unit tests for polkit-authorization-db.c
      add .gitignore files to get test tree structure in the repo
      update .gitignore files
      add some more test env variables so we can bypass ConsoleKit in the tests
      fix OOM handling in p-a-db.c and only invalidate the cache when necessary
      add some more test cases for p-a-db.c
      add a new KitString class
      implement kit_hash_foreach_remove()
      remove glib dep from libpolkit-dbus
      fix a bug where KitList elements were not properly freed
      downgrade to session scope when granting authorizations for blank passwords
      don't require .policy files for auth lookups
      refactor constraints API so there is one entry per constraint in the auth file
      fix dummy backend so it builds
      update TODO
      update TODO to mention Piter PUNK's patch
      update completion + man page since polkit-auth(1) takes >1 --constraint args
      update NEWS file

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PolicyKit 0.6 "There is no stopping in a red zone"

Released on October 11th 2007.

This is the fourth release of PolicyKit. There are no major changes
since 0.5 expect a) better handling of unknown XML tags in the config
and policy files (we simply ignore unknown sub-trees) to make it
easier to add features in the future; b) native support for more
distributions; and c) the addition of a <allow_any> tag to the .policy

Changes from PolicyKit 0.5 "Urban Living"

David Zeuthen (6):
      post-release version bump
      add specifics for the Pardus distro
      add TODO item detailing how to handle upgrades
      implement <allow_any> to specify default answer for any user
      don't fail on unknown XML tags, just skip them
      make polkit-list-actions print information about <allow_any>

Doug Goldstein (3):
      gentoo OS type support
      install hook for setuid/setgid
      use chgrp instead of chown with group only

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PolicyKit 0.5 "Urban Living"

Released on August 31st 2007.

This is the third release of PolicyKit. Since 0.4 both source- and
file-format level incomptible changes have been introduced. Accordingly, 
the library so-names have been bumped to reflect this. Porting effort
should be minimal though; see the example in PolicyKit-gnome for details.

WARNING WARNING WARNING: do not use this software in a stable
distribution; there are still security sensitive things that needs to
be audited.

Changes from PolicyKit 0.4 "Off the Grid"

Danny Kukawka (3):
      added missing files to git repo
      fixed code documentation issues
      fixed compiler warning about uid_t handling

David Zeuthen (37):
      move PAM stack usage to separate helper
      remove the isatty() call so it's easier to audit the helper
      put back isatty() checks when calling user is not uid 0
      use waitpid() to avoid Zombie processes
      provide a high-level interaction diagram of how this works
      post-release version number bump
      use correct type for conversation_done() function
      make the /var/lib/PolicyKit/reload writable for group polkituser
      when granting privileges, touch the /var/lib/PolicyKit/reload file
      export PolKitConfig and provide a <define_admin_auth/> config file directive
      properly support i18n'ed messages from .policy files
      handle the case where we don't load descriptions
      make polkit-grant(1) work with <define_admin_user /> feature
      make libpolkit-grant less noisy
      rip out group concept from .policy files and rename <policy> element to <action>
      minor doc cleanups
      avoid the now defunct group concept in polkit-list-actions
      gracefully handle bad config/policy files, drop polkit-reload-config, syslog
      add support for annotations
      give a little love to polkit-list-actions(1) and polkit-grant(1)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      delay loading the configuration until it's needed
      convert manual page sources to Docbook, add polkit-config-file-validate tool
      clean up our documentation
      revert "fixed code documentation issues"
      fix up manual pages for some trivial errors
      update inline API docs
      some more doc fixes
      make config file override grant database
      forgot to add doc/
      also add another missing file
      also forgot to add polkit-docs.xml
      minor doc changes
      add an example of how define_admin_auth is used
      make polkit-grant-helper-pam out of reach for normal users
      fix 'make distcheck' by avoiding with man pages on distcheck
      bump so name
      update NEWS file

Richard Hughes (1):
      work when SELinux is disabled

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David Zeuthen committed
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PolicyKit 0.4 "Off the Grid"

Released on July 25th 2007.

This is the second release of PolicyKit. 

WARNING WARNING WARNING: do not use this software in a stable
distribution; there are still security sensitive things that needs to
be audited.

Changes from PolicyKit 0.3 "No Man's Land"

David Zeuthen (18):
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David Zeuthen committed
378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393
      post-release version bump
      remove the notion of modules
      replace configuration reload mechanism
      get proper pid and SELinux context
      add support for an /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf config file
      document the /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf file with a manual page
      update TODO
      switch from VIA_ROOT to VIA_ADMIN
      fix up some of the docs
      change default username
      fix typo
      require that policy files also provide a <message> element
      fix docs
      fix up proper naming of some methods on the PolKitPolicyFileEntry class
      for PolKitContext, mention that a mechanism need to provide .policy files
394 395
      update NEWS
      actually reload config and policy files when they change
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Requirements for PolicyKit 0.4 ""

 - dbus             >= 0.90
 - glib             >= 2.6.0
 - ConsoleKit       >= 0.2.1
 - expat            >= 1.95.8
 - libselinux       >= 1.30   (optional)

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PolicyKit 0.3 "No Man's Land"
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407 408

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Released on June 20th 2007.
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This is the first release of PolicyKit. 
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WARNING WARNING WARNING: do not use this software in a stable
distribution; there are still security sensitive things that needs to
be audited.

Requirements for PolicyKit 0.3 "No Man's Land"

 - dbus             >= 0.90
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 - glib             >= 2.6.0
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421 422 423
 - ConsoleKit       >= 0.2.1
 - expat            >= 1.95.8