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Update NEWS and bump version for release

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pkg-config 0.28
- Fixed a pair of long-standing and intertwined bugs involving unwanted
removal of flags. The first is that other Libs flags like -Wl are now
kept in context order with -l flags. The second is that aggressive
removal of all duplicate arguments has been scaled back so that just
consecutive duplicate arguments are removed. One result of this change
is that some flags could be repeated in the final output, especially
flags from non-pkg-config packages like -lm. Since pkg-config rarely
has enough knowledge here about the right thing to do, we throw the
duplicate arguments at the compiler/linker and trust it will do the
right thing.
- Fixed an old bug to allow circular Requires. This fix brings along a
small behavior change in that pkg-config resolves requires depth
first, causing some lower level flags to show up earlier in the output
than previously.
- Cleaned up many corner-case bugs and ambiguous behavior in
pkg-config's interface. Thanks to Michał Górny for finding so many of
- New autoconf macro PKG_CHECK_VAR for reading variables from .pc files.
- Default to suppressing -L/lib and/or -L/lib64 like their /usr
- To help support multiarch scenarios out of the box, $host-pkg-config
is now installed unless --disable-host-tool is passed to configure.
- Added optional gcov usage through the --with-gcov configure option. As
a result, many more tests were added to greatly increase the coverage
of the code to 86% of executed lines on a Fedora 18 machine.
- Bugs fixed: 130, 7331, 16101, 17053, 19950, 34504, 48098, 54231,
54271, 54379, 54384, 54386, 54388, 54389, 54390, 54391, 54427, 54463,
54716, 57078, 58363, 59435.
pkg-config 0.27.1
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