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Update to 0.29

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pkg-config 0.29
- Fixed a regression from 0.28 in system -L flag handling. If the pc
file has multiple system -L flags, every other flag will be left as
is. Thanks to Andrew Oakley for the fix. (#78077)
- Quoting of variables queried through --variable is removed so that the
output can be used verbatim in subsequent shell commands. Thanks to
Marek Kasik for the fix. (#67904)
- Fixed a regression from 0.28 in -L flag handling on Windows. A .libs
suffix was inadvertantly being added to the library path.
- Added a --validate option to check pc file syntax. This works just
like --exists, but package dependencies are disabled. (#7000)
- Added the PKG_PREREQ autoconf macro. Whereas PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is
used to check the version of the pkg-config tool, this is used to
check the version of the pkg-config autoconf macros in use.
- Added the PKG_CHECK_MODULES_STATIC autoconf macro. This will
temporarily add --static to the pkg-config calls while invoking
- Many fixes to the testsuite for Windows. It should now pass for a
MinGW, Cygwin, and cross-compiled MinGW using Wine for test execution.
- More consistent handling of prefix redefinition. On Windows, the
prefix was always being redefined based on the pc file path. This
feature can now be enabled or disabled at runtime on all platforms
using the --define-prefix and --dont-define-prefix options. (#63602)
- Continue listing packages with --list-all even if there are errors in
pc files. (#26615)
- Various documentation improvements. (#62018, #62374, #66155)
- Fixed a bug when multiple -isystem arguments are used. (#72584)
- pkg-config is now built with largefile support to ensure that it works
correctly on filesystems with 64 bit inodes. Thanks to Peter Jones for
the fix. (#90078)
- Bugs fixed: 7000, 19541, 26615, 62018, 62374, 63602, 66155, 66939,
67904, 70690, 72584, 78077, 80378, 80380, 89267, 90078, 90437, 92002.
pkg-config 0.28
- Fixed a pair of long-standing and intertwined bugs involving unwanted
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