Commit 41d8610a authored by George Kiagiadakis's avatar George Kiagiadakis
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ci: disable more things from the pipewire build

parent 95c8f0ec
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......@@ -81,10 +81,12 @@ include:
- git clone --depth=1 --branch="$PIPEWIRE_HEAD"
- meson "$PW_BUILD_DIR" pipewire --prefix="$PREFIX"
-Dpipewire-alsa=disabled -Dpipewire-pulseaudio=disabled -Dpipewire-jack=disabled
-Dalsa=disabled -Dv4l2=disabled -Djack=disabled -Dbluez5=disabled -Dvulkan=disabled
-Dgstreamer=disabled -Dsystemd=disabled
-Dpipewire-alsa=disabled -Dpipewire-jack=disabled
-Dalsa=disabled -Dv4l2=disabled -Djack=disabled -Dbluez5=disabled
-Dvulkan=disabled -Dgstreamer=disabled -Dsystemd=disabled
-Ddocs=disabled -Dman=disabled -Dexamples=disabled -Dpw-cat=disabled
-Dsdl2=disabled -Dsndfile=disabled -Dlibpulse=disabled -Davahi=disabled
-Decho-cancel-webrtc=disabled -Dmedia-session=disabled
-Dvideotestsrc=enabled -Daudiotestsrc=enabled -Dtest=enabled
- ninja -C "$PW_BUILD_DIR" install
# misc environment only for wireplumber
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