PipeWire 0.3.64 (2023-01-12)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • Clear old buffer memory on ports to fix some SIGBUS errors.
  • It is now possible to assign custom port names to the ports from an adapter. This feature is helpful to those who use a multichannel interface with long-term connections. This way they can label each port with its designation, such as an instrument name or anything else to be displayed in a patchbay or DAW.
  • Fix some issues with node suspend and quantum and rate calculations.
  • Fix some regressions in pulse-tunnel and RTP-source adaptive resampling that could cause synchronization problems.
  • UCM devices now also have a Pro Audio profile.
  • NODE_TARGET (with the object.id) is now deprecated, use TARGET_OBJECT (with the object.serial, which is not reused and can avoid races).


  • Clear all peer input port buffers when suspending. This fixes some SIGBUS errors when some plugins were using old memory. (#2914)
  • Fix a case where nodes that were not supposed to be suspended, were kept suspended on a rate change. (#2929)
  • Fix an error in the quantum and rate calculations that could cause nodes to run with wrong quantum and rates when multiple rates were allowed. (#2925)


  • pw-dump will now sort dictionaries to make it easier to compare different outputs.
  • Improve output of pw-reserve.
  • pw-loopback uses TARGET_OBJECT so you will need to use the serial id (or better the name) as the target instead of the object id.


  • The filter-chain modules has seen some cleanups, refactoring and optimizations in the various DSP functions.
  • The ROC module now supports setting a custom samplerate.
  • ROC 0.2.X is now required.
  • The pulse tunnel and RTP source were not updating the rate field correctly which could cause synchronization problems. (#2891)
  • The filter-chain now supports an arbitrary number of control properties. (#2933)
  • It is now possible to assign custom port names to the ports from an adapter with the PW_KEY_NODE_CHANNELNAMES.
  • Support was added for capture and playback props in echo-cancel. (#2939)


  • The ACP code now has an option to set the probe samplerate. (#1599)
  • UCM devices now also have a Pro Audio profile.
  • Filtering of Step ranges is now implemented.


  • The channel-map is now set correctly on the echo-cancel module.
  • source_master and sink_master are now correctly handled in module echo-cancel.
  • Fix a regression in DRAIN where resuming after a DRAIN would fail. This caused problems for espeak. (#2928)
  • TARGET_OBJECT is now used to make it possible to use the indexes as a target.
  • ladspa-source and remap-source can now also link to monitors.


  • The ALSA plugin now handles the target.object correctly when set to -1. (#2893)


  • The v4l2 replacement library now also follows symlinks.
  • Support for getting and setting controls was added.
  • Support for G_PARM was added.
  • The environment variable PIPEWIRE_V4L2_TARGET can be used to force an application onto a specific camera.


  • Fix compilation without ldac_abr.
  • Fix a missing brace in CIND reply. This could cause some devices to fail.
  • Fix configuration of the initial latency.


  • The device provider now supports setting an fd so that it can connect to PipeWire sessions from the portal.
  • DMABuf support was re-enabled in gstpipewiresrc.


  • 1d9640af fixes problems with stuttering with some custom configurations
  • ccedf172 fixed bug in AVX optimizations causing crackling
  • a979c0f4 fixes compilation issues with deprecated keys