PipeWire 0.3.63 (2022-12-15)

This is a quick bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • Fix a critical bug that causes audio distortion in some cases when using AVX2.
  • Fix a crash in mpv caused by deinit of PipeWire.
  • Resample the convolver IR to match the graph samplerate for better results.
  • Many more small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Fix a segfault in the PipeWire deinit code triggered by mpv in some cases. (#2881)
  • Fix docs about SPA_PLUGIN_DIR.
  • Always dlclose by default (even under valgrind). Add an option with PIPEWIRE_DLCLOSE to select alternative behaviour.
  • Improve PIPEWIRE_DEBUG category handling.


  • Resample the IR for the convolver when the IR samplerate and graph rate don't match.


  • Handle spurious reads from timerfd gracefully.
  • Fix potential stack-use-after-scope when starting Audacity.
  • Fix distorted audio when using AVX2. (#2885)
  • Remove fallback to default channel map in channelmix.
  • Improve sorting of MIDI events, use the same order as Ardour. (#1868)
  • Enable LFE downmixing by default. (#2425)
  • Make IEC958/AC3 and IEC958/DTS work better by enforcing a fixed minimal buffering for the encoder to avoid stuttering. (#2650)


  • Add a new pulse.cmd config section to execute pulse commands, currently only for loading modules. This removes the dependency on pactl.
  • Improve debug of messages.