PipeWire 0.3.59 (2022-09-30)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • Fix possible wrong samplerate in loopback streams after suspend and rate switch.
  • module-filter-chain can now adapt to the graph samplerate.
  • Fix some potential stuttering and crackling in pulse-server.
  • Add Bluetooth LE support. This requires experimental kernel and bluez support.
  • The ALSA plugin has more options to control the buffer size. This can be used to work around high latency in davinci resolve.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements.


  • Add audio capture example with volume meter.
  • Fix a case where a rate switch would not suspend all the nodes of the driver first. This could cause wrong samplerates in streams.
  • Fix a case where a node would be Paused while still added to the graph, causing potential crashes. (#2701)


  • module-filter-chain and module-loopback now use the resample.prefill option to avoid buffering extra samples and causing unwanted latency when resampling is activated.
  • module-filter-chain can now adapt to the graph samplerate.
  • Improve module-raop to support the ALAC codec as raw PCM.
  • Improve RTSP parsing to improve compatibility.


  • Fix 100% CPU in pw-cli monitor mode. (#2709)
  • spa-acp-tool can now be exited with ctrl-D.


  • Various libcamera fixes and improvements.
  • Set stride on audioconvert output buffers.
  • Make sure we always place the last requested size from the resampler on the buffers in pw-stream.
  • Add resample.prefill option in the resampler to fill the history with 0 so that we don't have smaller buffers at the start.
  • Make sure that when an overflow corrupts a POD, that it will always stay corrupted.
  • Rate limit some ALSA warnings and reduce some unwanted warnings.
  • Don't recalculate the audioconverter state for each pause/play. (#2701)
  • Fix some POD parsing inconsistencies and potential overflows.
  • Add support for Asus Xonar SE.
  • Fix Flush command handling. It should not stop playback. (#2726)
  • Refactor the peaks function and add some unit tests and optimizations.
  • The channelmix has an optimized nXm converter and new unit tests.
  • Normalization in the channelmixer was fixed.


  • The requested latency of record streams was reduced to fix some stuttering in Teamspeak. (#2702)
  • Tweak the max amount of bytes sent to a client. (#2711) (#2715)
  • Improve maxlength calculations, this fixes some crackling noise with high samplerate and channel counts in some players (audacious).


  • Merge Bluetooth LE support.
  • Make sure we are backward compatible with WirePlumber.
  • Fix some HFP and HSP AT command parsing. (#2463)
  • Use HFP by default over HSP.


  • Increase max number of periods.
  • The parameters handling was improved. There is now an option to set the buffer-bytes of the ALSA plugin.
  • PIPEWIRE_ALSA can now be used as an environment variable to restrict the plugin formats and buffer size.