PipeWire 0.3.45 (2022-02-03)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • Zoom, telegram and other apps should be able to play sound again.
  • Implement a better way to force and lock JACK buffersize.
  • Default sink and source names and properties are improved.
  • The config loader can now load and merge fragments in conf.d directories for easier user configuration of config files.
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements.


  • pw-cli can now also send Commands to nodes. This can be used to Suspend a device, for example.
  • The eventfd was removed from loops and invoke is now used to stop the loop, this saves an fd.
  • New Alpine CI target to test musl builds, various build fixes.
  • Add force-quantum and force-rate properties.
  • The config loader can now load and merge fragments in conf.d directories. (#207)
  • resource error methods can be called without a resource and then just log an error message.
  • link-factory can now also work from the config. (#2095)


  • module-simple-protocol has better argument parsing and can handle channelmap now. (#2068) It's also possible to configure latency and rate.
  • The native protocol now does extra checks for invalid data. (#2070)


  • TI2902 chips as found in various Behringer cards should have inputs again.
  • Better handling of busy devices in udev, retry when the inotify close event is emited.


  • plugins now handle alignment properly and only expect the max alignment required for the CPU. (#2074)


  • SBC-XQ is now enabled for the JBL Endurance RUN BT headset.
  • Support for non-hexadecimal XAPL version strings to improve compatibility.
  • Use HCI commands again to probe the adapter msbc capability. This improves compatibility with some adapters. (#2030)
  • Set the right startup volume.
  • Better A2DP source idle handling.
  • Fix a timer bug in SCO sink that could cause busy looping.


  • A playback issue when the tlength > maxlength was fixed. (#2069) This affected Zoom and other applications.
  • The STREAM_BUFFER_ATTR command is now implemented.
  • Module names are improved. (#2076)
  • Many small fixes and improvements.
  • Fix a pavucontrol crash with invalid channels. (#1442)


  • Use the new force-quantum and force-rate properties in the JACK API to switch quantum and ensure it can't change for the lifetime of the JACK app. (#2079)