PipeWire 0.3.39 (2021-10-21)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • media-session is now moved into a separate module to speed up its deprecation in favour of WirePlumber.
  • There is now an LD_PRELOAD v4l2 emulation library to run some existing v4l2 applications on top of PipeWire.
  • Filter-chains should now flush out remaining samples when paused. There is now also the option to let a filter-chain drain so that long filters such as reverbs can fade out properly.
  • Stability and compatibility improvements in JACK apps.
  • Better Bluetooth compatibility with more devices.
  • libcamera plugin improvements.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements all over the map.


  • Fix compilation on ARM.
  • Log topics are added to most modules.
  • Documentation updates. Many improvements to the layout. Reorganisation of the modules and groups.
  • Share a work queue for all links and nodes. This removes the need for a separate eventfd per link and per node.
  • Catch errors in the map implementation.
  • Add option to compile without dbus support.
  • Fix biquad frequency. It was using the wrong sample rate.
  • Fix a potential crash when destroying nodes, in some cases the node would not be deactivated properly.
  • Add some more helpers for dealing with properties and their values.
  • Implement flush and reset on virtual sinks/sources.
  • Make it possible to let virtual sinks/filter-chains run and drain after being idle.
  • Fix a bug where the quantum could exceed the maximum because it was scaled with the sample rate.
  • Fix channel_map parsing in module-zeroconf-discover so that the remote channel map is used.
  • pw-stream errors emitted on the proxy are reported but not fatal any more. They are usually used by the session manager to signal status to the client but otherwise does not really cause an error on the client.
  • Links now also store the output and input node id in the global properties so that applications can parse and use them regardless of how the link was made. (#1723)
  • pw-stream and pw-filter now have an event to notify commands.
  • The echo-cancel module can now operate on larger quantums.
  • pw-cat now uses the right metadata to find the default devices in --list-targets.


  • Don't try to remix unpositioned streams when linking. This ensures that linking to Pro-Audio nodes does not remix the stream channels but links them as they are, one by one.
  • media-session is now moved to a separate module to accelerate its deprecation in favour of WirePlumber.


  • Many libcamera improvements, handle MemFd buffers, handle errors gracefully.
  • Small improvements to make interface fall-backs easier to implement.
  • Add support to enable flush-to-zero and denormals-are-zero to avoid high CPU usage when dealing with denormals.
  • AUX13 channels are no longer reported as AUX12. (#1727)
  • Devices with more than 32 channels in Pro-Audio mode now only uses AUX channels.
  • Improve windowing function of the resampler to reduce aliasing and improve the quality.


  • Port connect callbacks will not only be emitted after the port has negotiated buffers, which improves compatibility with applications that try to use the port right after the callback (jack_midi_latency_test).
  • Fix crash when midi ports were removed and being monitored, like in Ardour.


  • The pulse tunnel will now use the specified format/rate/channels.
  • Improve lookup of default source and fall back to the monitors when no sources are available.
  • Mark some nodes as network nodes so that we can set the NETWORK flag correctly.


  • The GStreamer element not releases the buffers in the stream again in all cases so that they can be reused by other streams.


  • Add a v4l2 LD_PRELOAD library to emulate v4l2 system calls on top of PipeWire. This is tested with firefox and GStreamer and is known to not work with Chrome.


  • AAC compatibility improvements.
  • Disable hardware volume for "Tribit MAXSound Plus" and "SoundCore mini".
  • Add quirk to disable faststream. Disable faststream on "FiiO BTR3".
  • Add a dummy AVRCP player to improve compatibility with some devices.