PipeWire 0.3.36 (2021-09-16)

This is a quick bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


  • A quick update with mostly only bugfixes and small improvements.
  • Capture and playback is now avoided on unavailable devices. This should fix some issues where an unusable microphone was selected by default.
  • MIDI output should not stop randomly now.
  • The GStreamer elements are much improved, cheese should work a lot better now.
  • Virtual sinks and sources should now always show up immediately.
  • JACK processing is now delayed until buffersize and samplerate are emited. This should improve stability of many JACK apps.
  • JACK transport sync is now implemented correctly so that preroll in bitwig works.


  • The module dir environment variable can now contain multiple paths.
  • Documentation now contains dot graphs of dependencies. (#1585)
  • config min/max/default quantum values are now scaled with the samplerate.
  • A potential crash was fixed where destroyed memory was still used by a node. This could cause crashes in cheese.


  • Only allow passthrough for passthrough formats (S/PDIF) for now. (#1587)
  • Improve bluetooth profile autoswitch.
  • Don't try to route audio to nodes with unavailable routes.


  • Pass the right AES bits to the alsa device when opening an S/PDIF stream.
  • Fix a bug in the MIDI bridge port management logic. When a port was added and immediately removed, output would stop.


  • The GStreamer source now handles the flushing state correctly.
  • All blocking operations now have a 30 seconds timeout, to avoid infinite locks.


  • V4l2 Device formats and controls are now passed on the node, just like with audio devices.
  • audioconvert now also exposes the softMute property.


  • Improve stability when changing buffer size and sample rate dynamically by pausing the processing until the application has handled the callback.
  • Improve handling of timebase master. When the master was moved to another driver, it did not attempt to become a new timebase master on the new driver. (#1589)
  • Implement transport sync to make preroll in bitwig work. (#1589)


  • Fix an issue where virtual sinks/sources would not show up immediately. (#1588)