1. 26 May, 2021 17 commits
  2. 25 May, 2021 2 commits
    • Georges Basile Stavracas Neto's avatar
      Add channel paths to analog-surround-* · f1cc525d
      Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
      Motu M4 has four inputs (two line-in inputs, and two complete ones
      with gain and XLR and whatnot), as well as four outputs (two monitor
      pairs, and an unnaccounted headphone).
      Sadly, like a few other interfaces, it wasn't being given an input
      profile, since the matching code goes through default.conf testing
      each config, and ends up selecting 'analog-surround-40', which does
      not have input mapping. The inputs would fallback to 'multichannel-
      input', which also doesn't have input paths.
      Add input paths to all analog-surround-* mappings, and remove their
      'direction=output' fields since they handle both out and in.
    • Barnabás Pőcze's avatar
      pulse-server: fix memory issue · 1e9442e6
      Barnabás Pőcze authored
      Previously, when `pw_protocol_pulse_new()` returned NULL,
      the code would jump to the `error` label, which would
      call `impl_free()`. At this point, however, `impl->module_listener`
      is not initialized, which would lead to a SIGSEGV when
      `spa_hook_remove()` is called from `impl_free()`.
  3. 24 May, 2021 7 commits
  4. 22 May, 2021 1 commit
  5. 21 May, 2021 13 commits