1. 22 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  2. 21 Jul, 2021 7 commits
  3. 20 Jul, 2021 6 commits
  4. 19 Jul, 2021 6 commits
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      modules: silence some useless warnings · 6e44c081
      Wim Taymans authored
      Fixes #1423
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      modules: make a default node.link-group property · bd98c677
      Wim Taymans authored
      When nothing else is specified, add a default node.link-group property
      so that all the nodes from this echo-canceler are tagged as being linked
      together in some way.
      This allows the session manager to follow the relations between the
      different streams and avoids linking those related nodes together, which
      avoids playing or recording from itself in a loop.
      Fixes #1376
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      mem: remove unused global mempools list · 587e9d5f
      Wim Taymans authored
      The mempools list keeps track of all allocated mempools but is otherwise
      not used. Because it is not protected with a lock, concurrent contexts
      or thread loops can step on eachother and crash. Remove this for now
      until we actually need it and implement it with some sort of lock.
      Fixes #1416
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      jack: ensure transport frame_rate is not 0 · 1531f789
      Wim Taymans authored
      Try harder to get the transport frame_rate from the position.
      If we can't find an activation structure, use the configured frame_rate
      instead of 0.
      Fixes #1432
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      loop: improve invoke avail check · a91502b3
      Wim Taymans authored
      First calculate the size of the aligned payload and then check if
      we can fit this aligned payload in the remaining space in the
      Otherwise we might be able to fit the item + payload in the remaining
      space but then place the alignment bytes at the begginning, which would
      break alignment of the next invoke_item struct.
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      loop: Fix crash because of overflow · 7f4fa642
      Wim Taymans authored
      Also check if there is enough space to write the payload bytes.
      We check if there is enough space for the invoke_item structure first.
      Then we calculate how much bytes we need to use for the payload but we
      fail to check if we can actually write that much data, risking
      overwriting existing data from the ringbuffer and causing a crash later
      when we try to jump to invalid memory.
      Add some more comments.
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