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bluez5: fix msbc connect probe again

There's a report that on Intel 8086:2723 + Sony WH-1000XM4, the connect
probe shuts the device down.

So, use an invalid dst address instead, since we don't need the host to
be up.

Fixes: 84bc0490
Fixes: 71700433
parent 75d76172
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......@@ -586,21 +586,19 @@ static bool device_supports_required_mSBC_transport_modes(
} else {
struct sockaddr_sco addr;
socklen_t len;
bdaddr_t dst;
int res;
/* Connect to device */
str2ba(device->address, &dst);
/* Connect to non-existent address */
len = sizeof(addr);
memset(&addr, 0, len);
addr.sco_family = AF_BLUETOOTH;
bacpy(&addr.sco_bdaddr, &dst);
bacpy(&addr.sco_bdaddr, BDADDR_LOCAL);
spa_log_debug(backend->log, "connect to determine adapter msbc support...");
/* Linux kernel code checks for features needed for BT_VOICE_TRANSPARENT
* among the first checks it does, and fails with EOPNOTSUPP if not
* supported. The connection to self generally timeouts, so set it
* supported. The connection to generally timeouts, so set it
* nonblocking since we are just checking.
fcntl(sock, F_SETFL, O_NONBLOCK);
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