Commit ebede912 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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impl-link: reset state before starting allocation

Reset our state before checking the state of the ports or else
we might still think a port has buffers while they are being
parent 4be29c11
......@@ -411,6 +411,9 @@ static int do_allocation(struct pw_impl_link *this)
pw_log_debug(NAME" %p: out-node:%p in-node:%p: out-flags:%08x in-flags:%08x",
this, output->node, input->node, out_flags, in_flags);
this->rt.in_mix.have_buffers = false;
this->rt.out_mix.have_buffers = false;
if (out_flags & SPA_PORT_FLAG_LIVE) {
pw_log_debug(NAME" %p: setting link as live", this);
output->node->live = true;
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