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acp: reset soft_volume

Reset the software volume when initializing the device and when the
hardware volume is updated.

The software volume was set to 0 by default and if the session manager
did not change the volume enough to cause a software volume change,
it would remain 0 and there would be silence.

Also improve the debug a little.

See #1160 #1167 #1164 #1049 #1117
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......@@ -215,6 +215,7 @@ static void init_device(pa_card *impl, pa_alsa_device *dev, pa_alsa_direction_t
dev->device.format.rate_mask = m->sample_spec.rate;
dev->device.format.channels = m->channel_map.channels;
pa_cvolume_reset(&dev->real_volume, m->channel_map.channels);
pa_cvolume_reset(&dev->soft_volume, m->channel_map.channels);
for (i = 0; i < m->channel_map.channels; i++)
dev->[i]= channel_pa2acp(m->[i]);
dev->direction = direction;
......@@ -1033,10 +1034,15 @@ static int read_volume(pa_alsa_device *dev)
return 0;
dev->real_volume = r;
pa_log_info("New hardware volume:");
pa_log_info("New hardware volume: min:%d max:%d",
pa_cvolume_min(&r), pa_cvolume_max(&r));
for (i = 0; i < r.channels; i++)
pa_log_debug(" %d: %d", i, r.values[i]);
pa_cvolume_reset(&dev->soft_volume, r.channels);
if (impl->events && impl->events->volume_changed)
impl->events->volume_changed(impl->user_data, &dev->device);
......@@ -1803,7 +1809,10 @@ int acp_device_set_volume(struct acp_device *dev, const float *volume, uint32_t
for (i = 0; i < v.channels; i++)
v.values[i] = pa_sw_volume_from_linear(volume[i % n_volume]);;
pa_log_info("Set %s volume: %d", d->set_volume ? "hardware" : "software", pa_cvolume_max(&v));
pa_log_info("Set %s volume: min:%d max:%d",
d->set_volume ? "hardware" : "software",
pa_cvolume_min(&v), pa_cvolume_max(&v));
for (i = 0; i < v.channels; i++)
pa_log_debug(" %d: %d", i, v.values[i]);
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