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bluez5: update supported codec list when profiles changed

When A2DP is connected and new device profiles appear, update also
supported codec list.

Fixes missing codec profiles when A2DP is connected late.
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......@@ -387,6 +387,12 @@ static void profiles_changed(void *userdata, uint32_t prev_profiles, uint32_t pr
this->params[IDX_EnumRoute].flags ^= SPA_PARAM_INFO_SERIAL;
if (connected_change & SPA_BT_PROFILE_A2DP_SINK) {
this->supported_codecs = spa_bt_device_get_supported_a2dp_codecs(
this->bt_dev, &this->supported_codec_count);
this->info.change_mask |= SPA_DEVICE_CHANGE_MASK_PARAMS;
this->params[IDX_Profile].flags ^= SPA_PARAM_INFO_SERIAL;
this->params[IDX_EnumProfile].flags ^= SPA_PARAM_INFO_SERIAL;
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