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# PipeWire 0.3.44 (2022-01-27)
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous
0.3.x releases.
## Highlights
- It is now possible to run a minimal PipeWire server without a session
manager, enough to run JACK clients.
- The maximum buffer size is now configurable and can be larger than
the previously hardcoded limit of 8192 samples. When using high sample
rates, the larger buffer size can avoid xruns.
- The default maximum latency was reduced from 170ms to 42ms. This should
improve overall latency for application that ask for a large latency,
such as notifications.
- Better JACK compatibility. Patchbays should now get less confused about
ports appearing and disappearing.
- Fix some bluetooth crashes.
- Fix some races in ALSA device detection.
- Many bug fixes and improvements all over the place.
## PipeWire
- Bump the meson requirement to 0.59.0.
- pw-top now reports correct times for filter-chain and loopback.
- max-quantum is now also scaled with the rate. A new quantum-limit
property was added as a hard limit for the quantum. This makes it
possible to configure for larger than 8192 buffer sizes. Note
than many JACK applications have a hardcoded 8192 limit. (#1931)
- The max-quantum was reduced to 2048, This gives a 42ms default
latency. (#1908)
- pw-filter can now return a NULL buffer from _get_dsp_buffer().
- Add a PIPEWIRE_RATE and PIPEWIRE_QUANTUM env variable to set the
graph rate and the graph quantum and rate respectively.
- Fix a potential file descriptor leak in the connection.
- A new minimal.conf file was added to demonstrate a static setup
of a daemon that doesn't require a session manager and is able to
run JACK applicaions.
- Nice levels are now only changed on the servers, not the clients.
- Add an option to suspend nodes when idle.
- Make it possible to avoid quantum and rate changes with
pw-metadata. This is essential in a locked down system.
- Handle mixer port errors better and fail to create the link instead
of silently not working.
- Nodes that are moved to a driver now have all the linked nodes moved
as well. This makes it possible to run some graphs without a
driver, such as paplay -> zita-j2n.
- pw-cli and pw-dump can now also list objects by name, serial and
object.path using glob style pattern matching.
## modules
- filter-chain can now also configure parameters by index.
- Fix the client name of module-protocol-simple. (#2017)
- module-rtkit was merged into module-rt. This makes it easier to
ship a default config that works on more systems by default.
- module-adapter can now configure the adapter node from the config.
Previously, this was a task only performed by the session manager.
- module-metadata can now also create metadata object from the
config file.
- The ROC module should now work again. (#2045)
- An X11-bell module was added to handle X11 bell events. (#1668)
- filter-chain and loopback modules now have better unique default
names for the streams, which makes it possible to save and restore
their volumes independently. (#1983)
- module-echo-cancel now has properties to control the delay and
buffer size.
- The monitor names are now correctly parsed.
- The default period size for batch devices is limited now to avoid
large latency.
- The unused min/max-latency properties were removed.
- Internal latency is now also configurable with params at runtime.
- The udev rule for TI2902 was removed because it causes problems.
- Fix a race where some devices would sometimes be missing. (#2046)
- Add some more timeouts to work around a race in udev device
permission changes when switching VTs.
## SPA
- Fix potential infinite loop in audioconvert.
- The spa-resample tools can now also use optimized implementations.
- Fix a potential crash in resampler. (#1994)
- audioconvert can now also handle F64 formats. (#1990)
- The channelmixer now does normalization by default to avoid clipping
when downmixing is active.
- The channelmixer will now generate LFE channels when the lfe_cutoff
frequency is set, even when upmix is disabled.
- The channelmixer will now always generate FC when the target has it.
- Adapter now reports latency correctly, even after linking the monitor
- Reduce memory usage and preallocated memory in some of the
audioconvert nodes.
- Many properties are now exposed in adapter, such as the resample
- The resampler and channelmixer can now be disabled.
## V4L2
- pw-v4l2 now also works for ffplay. (#2029)
- Take product names from udev now that the kernel returns a generic
- The jack pkgconfig file now has the `jack_implementation=pipewire`
variable to be able to distinguish jack implementations. (#1666)
- jconvolver now starts correctly again. (#1989)
- The object.serial is now used for the port_id. This makes it easier
to track old objects in the cache.
- Add a dummy jacknet implementation. (#2043)
- A bug in the port allocation was fixed that would make it impossible
to allocate ports at some point. (#1714)
## Bluetooth
- Bluetooth profiles are now saved properly by the session manager.
- Improved profile detections, increased timeouts for slow devices.
- Implement HFP call indicator for improved compatibility.
- Handle the case where bluez does not set the adapter or address
properties on the device instead of crashing.
- Improved support for setting the profile from the session manager.
## pulse-server
- Monitor sources now have the device.class=monitor for better
- Behaviour after seeking is improved. The algorithm for requesting
bytes from the client was simplified and improved. (#1981)
- module-ladspa-sink implements the control argument now. (#1987)
- A potential memory leak in the message queue was fixed. (#1840)
- Use the object.serial for the pulseaudio object index. The index is
not supposed to be reused and this would cause problems with some
- Servers should now again be able to listen in IPv4. (#2047)
- module-x11-bell was added. (#1668)
- There is now support for per-application quirks and properties in
the pipewire-pulse.conf file. Per-application latency and buffering
properties can also be configured.
- Fix a regression in telegram sounds not playing.
Older versions:
# PipeWire 0.3.43 (2022-01-05)
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous
......@@ -81,10 +219,6 @@ This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous
- Add command access control. This avoids execution of commands without
proper authentication.
Older versions:
# PipeWire 0.3.42 (2021-12-16)
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous
project('pipewire', ['c' ],
version : '0.3.43',
version : '0.3.44',
license : [ 'MIT', 'LGPL-2.1-or-later', 'GPL-2.0-only' ],
meson_version : '>= 0.59.0',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=3',
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