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PipeWire 0.3.1
This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
- Don't load the rtkit module by default. It can cause a
sigkill, which is not desirable for mutter, for example.
Only enable this for the jack library for now.
- Don't use pthread cancel by default because it uses a
signal that might crash some apps. Only use it for
the jack library because jack clients really expect this.
- Build fixes for -Werror=suggest-attribute=format
- improve error messages, don't report harmless errors and
warnings. Try to send error messages to the proxy that
started the operation or is the owner of the object.
- pw-cat: midi improvement, add midi recording and dump
in verbose mode
- fix properties when loading spa-nodes from the config
- Fix and update some examples
- jack: check arguments and don't crash when invalid
- Fix buffer memory upload.
- jack: fix compatibility with zrythm. Fix timemaster
install, improve sample_rate callback. Fix reposition
- fix crash in port after buffer negotiation error.
- add support for control ports in pw_filter
- fix cleanup of the metadata module
- improve param enumeration.
- Clear stream buffers when the format is cleared.
- Add create-object command in the config file to create
object from a factory.
- Fix crash after the driver was not removed from unassigned
nodes. Also properly pause inactive nodes.
- Use "true" and "false" in properties when we are talking
about a boolean.
- pulseaudio: improve compatibility
Older versions:
PipeWire 0.3.0
The 0.3 release is a major milestone in the developement of
......@@ -33,9 +73,6 @@ produce data for PipeWire. The consumer (pipewiresrc) is
working well in most cases. The sink (pipewiresink) is known
to be somewhat problematic for now.
Older versions:
PipeWire 0.2.97
Eigth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
project('pipewire', ['c' ],
version : '0.3.0',
version : '0.3.1',
license : 'MIT',
meson_version : '>= 0.50.0',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=1',
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