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PipeWire 0.3.0
This is the first release of the 0.3 version. It consists of a
major rewrite and is not API or ABI compatible with the 0.2
PipeWire 0.2.95
Sixth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
- Fix tests for big endian some more
- Improve v2 compatibility mode: improve type negotiation and
- Workaround for firefox screen sharing
Older versions:
PipeWire 0.2.94
Fifth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
- Fix man page names
- Fix jack set_sync_timeout
- Improve JACK compatibility with apps that cache buffer pointers.
- Improve mlock failure warning message, add property to configure
if mlock should be used.
- Improve OBJECT_PATH in alsa objects
- Install in versioned directory
- Add pw-profiler tool
- Improve pulseaudio compatibility wrt pa_operations
- Thread safety fixes in remote nodes when activating/deactivating
- Improve JACK names on duplicates
- Add option to ignore failure when loading modules
PipeWire 0.2.93
Fourth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
- Fix unit tests on 32 bits
- Append -pw version to pulse and jack libs. This way we can install
it next to the real libraries and use a symlink to enable it.
- Improve jack support by killing threads with pthread_cancel. This
then also remove the eventfd from the data-loop, making it
maybe a little faster.
- Fix jack_client_close() compatibility
- Fix some segfaults in the session manager
- Improve debug of protocol messages
- Add examples options
- Don't fail when alsa is not found
- Fix some compiler warnings with a new spa_aprintf() helper.
- Add pw-cat, the simple audio playback/record tool
- Rename pipewire tools to pw- prefix
- Add improve pw-cli object dump feature
PipeWire 0.2.92
Third pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
- Improve old version check some more
- Fix unit tests on little/big endian
- Fix compilation when CPU has no optimisations
- Install jack and pulse libraries
- Handle -EACCESS in flatpack access module
PipeWire 0.2.91
It is mostly a bugfix release to make the new version install and
run correctly in distros.
- Install session manager, fix path to find the session manager
- Fix alsa buffer reuse
- Small fixes for crasher bugs
- Implement pw_core_set_paused() to suspend/resume even
processing. This can be used when using multiple connections
to a daemon and one needs to pause one connection until the
other one completes an action. Used by session managers.
- Improve old version check
PipeWire 0.2.90
This is the first pre-release of the 0.3 version. It consists of a
major rewrite and is not API or ABI compatible with the 0.2
PipeWire 0.2.7
project('pipewire', ['c' ],
version : '0.2.94',
version : '0.2.95',
license : 'MIT',
meson_version : '>= 0.50.0',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=1',
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