Commit 0441653c authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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jack: use PIPEWIRE_LINK_PASSIVE environment var

Let the jack client make passive links when the PIPEWIRE_LINK_PASSIVE
variable is set. Makes it possible to start qsynth with passive links
so that it suspends when not in use.
parent 16d61e98
......@@ -3672,9 +3672,10 @@ int jack_connect (jack_client_t *client,
struct client *c = (struct client *) client;
struct object *src, *dst;
struct spa_dict props;
struct spa_dict_item items[5];
struct spa_dict_item items[6];
struct pw_proxy *proxy;
char val[4][16];
const char *str;
int res;
spa_return_val_if_fail(c != NULL, -EINVAL);
......@@ -3707,6 +3708,9 @@ int jack_connect (jack_client_t *client,
items[props.n_items++] = SPA_DICT_ITEM_INIT(PW_KEY_LINK_INPUT_NODE, val[2]);
items[props.n_items++] = SPA_DICT_ITEM_INIT(PW_KEY_LINK_INPUT_PORT, val[3]);
items[props.n_items++] = SPA_DICT_ITEM_INIT(PW_KEY_OBJECT_LINGER, "true");
if ((str = getenv("PIPEWIRE_LINK_PASSIVE")) != NULL &&
items[props.n_items++] = SPA_DICT_ITEM_INIT(PW_KEY_LINK_PASSIVE, "true");
proxy = pw_core_create_object(c->core,
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