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PipeWire 0.3.0
The 0.3 release is a major milestone in the developement of
PipeWire. It features a complete redesign of the scheduling
mechanisms that make it possible to run a JACK compatibility
layer with comparable performance to JACK2.
The API has been reworked and is declared stable now. All
developement files and runtime paths are versioned so that
future incompatible changes can be done without breaking
exising applications.
PipeWire 0.3 also includes a (now mandatory) session manager
that populates and controls the PipeWire graph. This example
session manager is very simple and not configurable. It is
expected that future version will either switch to a more
flexible session manager (like WirePlumber) or improve the
configuration options of the example session manager.
PipeWire 0.3 includes both PulseAudio, JACK and ALSA
compatibility libraries that are known to support a wide range
of applications. The ALSA library is pretty complete at this
point. The JACK and mostly the PulseAudio compatibility
libraries need more work. See the Wiki pages for the current
compatibility problems. We do not yet encourage people to
switch away from their existing audio solutions (PulseAudio
or JACK) but we would love to hear from people who try it
anyways. Future versions will mostly focus on improving
compatibility further to make PipeWire a drop-in replacement.
PipeWire comes with some GStreamer plugins to consume and
produce data for PipeWire. The consumer (pipewiresrc) is
working well in most cases. The sink (pipewiresink) is known
to be somewhat problematic for now.
Older versions:
PipeWire 0.2.97
Eigth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
......@@ -15,8 +53,6 @@ Eigth pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
- Fix device reservation to work together with pulseaudio,
previously we would block pulseaudio.
Older versions:
PipeWire 0.2.96
Seventh pre-release for upcomming 0.3:
project('pipewire', ['c' ],
version : '0.2.97',
version : '0.3.0',
license : 'MIT',
meson_version : '>= 0.50.0',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=1',
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