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  • 0.3.4
    09468163 · Release v0.3.4 ·
    Release v0.3.4
    This release fixes a segmentation fault introduced in the last release related to glib logging.
    - Update glib dependency, which fixes a SIGSEGV when using glib as a log backend and the output is being captured by systemd.
  • 0.3.3
    85e249cb · Release 0.3.3 ·
    Release v0.3.3
    This is a small release with only minor changes in preperation for a Flathub release.
    - An appstream metadata file was added and is installed to the metainfo directory
    - `gtk4-update-icon-cache` instead of the gtk3 variant is used during post-install
    - The application id was changed to `org.pipewire.Helvum`
    - Bash build scripts were removed and their work is done directly via meson instead
    In addition, the upstream URL has changed to https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/helvum
  • 0.3.2
    c1ec56e1 · Release 0.3.2 ·
    Release v0.3.2
    - Links where the endpoint is left of the start point and on the same height now have
      a slight vertical component in their curve so they don't appear as a single line
    - Links now use a gray instead of black color for better constrast
    - Build scripts now use bash instead of sh, as they were already using bash features before,
      which could lead to problems where sh is not a symlink to bash
    Also, from now on, releases will have a source tarball with vendored cargo dependencies attached, so that releases can be built offline easier.
  • 0.3.1
    958fa152 · Release 0.3.1 ·
    Release v0.3.1
    Helvum is now built via meson, which will install new icons and a new .desktop
    file in addition to the binary.
    The plain cargo build still works (for now), but will not install the additional resources.
    In the future, a plain cargo build may become unsupported.
    - Add meson as new primary buildsystem.
    - Add application icon and symbolic icon
    - Add .desktop file
  • 0.3.0
    2ee7bca6 · Release 0.3.0 ·
    Release v0.3.0
  • 0.2.1
    46b2175a · Release v0.2.1 ·
    Release v0.2.1
  • 0.2.0
    0cee4b0e · Release 0.2.0 ·
    Release v0.2
  • 0.1.0
    618e3abf · Release version 0.1.0 ·