Verified Commit 05334c1e authored by Niklāvs Koļesņikovs's avatar Niklāvs Koļesņikovs
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lib/wp/device: demote missing SPA warning to message

Warnings can be scary, so best not to scare users with what's likely
intentional omission of a particular SPA plugin (currently V4L & BlueZ).
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......@@ -617,7 +617,7 @@ wp_spa_device_new_from_spa_factory (WpCore * core,
handle = pw_context_load_spa_handle (pw_context, factory_name,
props ? wp_properties_peek_dict (props) : NULL);
if (!handle) {
wp_warning ("SPA handle '%s' could not be loaded; is it installed?",
wp_message ("SPA handle '%s' could not be loaded; is it installed?",
return NULL;
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