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    • Wonchul Lee's avatar
      waylandsink: Avoid race condition on multi-threaded client · 2ae381e2
      Wonchul Lee authored
      When waylandsink is used on some other thread than the main wayland
      client thread, the waylandsink implementation is vulnerable to a
      condition related to registry and surface events which handled in
      seperated event queue.
      The race that may happen is that after a proxy is created, but
      before the queue is set, events meant to be emitted via the yet to
      set queue may already have been queued on the wrong queue.
      Wayland 1.11 introduced new API that allows creating a proxy
      wrappper which can help to avoid this race condition.
    • Wonchul Lee's avatar
      examples/wayland: Add wayland multi-thread client example · c082634d
      Wonchul Lee authored
      This is for testing race condition with multi-thread wayland client
      environment. The race condition will be resolved with wayland proxy
      wrapper API when handling event queue.
    • Seungha Yang's avatar
      h26{4,5}parse: Don't confuse nal of codec_data with frame · 8766a45e
      Seungha Yang authored
      vps/sps/pps in codec_data shouldn't be considered as inband data.
      Otherwise, h26{4,5}parse never insert them to nal when transform
      (packetized to byte-stream) use case
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