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    • Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar
      Add new 'proxy' element to stream data between pipelines · 3f7e29d5
      Nirbheek Chauhan authored
      This keep-it-simple plugin is useful when you want to pipe arbitrary
      data to a different pipeline within the same process. Some advantages
      over appsink/appsrc, the inter elements, etc:
      * Ease of use. Buffers, events, and caps are transmitted as-is without
        copying or serialization.
      * Enables zerocopy (especially DMABUF) transparently without any
      * Enables usage with sinks or elements that are unreliable and may
        throw errors and need re-initialization, such as a network sink, a
        USB device sink (v4l2), etc.
      * Transmits arbitrary data, not just audio/video/subs
      * Can easily implement 1 producer pipeline -> N dynamic consumer
        pipelines within a single process when combined with the `tee`
      All queries, events, buffers, and buffer lists are proxied. State
      changes, clocks, and base times for the two pipelines are independent
      since the upstream and downstreams continue to be different pipelines.
    • Matthew Waters's avatar
      qt: don't #include platform specific gstglcontext_*.h headers · c5c69dcc
      Matthew Waters authored
      They aren't public headers
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