Commit e0adbee4 authored by Patricia Muscalu's avatar Patricia Muscalu Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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curlbasesink: Rename curl transfer thread

Some systems restrict the length of thread names to 16 bytes.

parent 5b8935bc
......@@ -1129,8 +1129,7 @@ gst_curl_base_sink_transfer_start_unlocked (GstCurlBaseSink * sink)
GST_LOG ("creating transfer thread");
sink->transfer_thread_close = FALSE;
sink->new_file = TRUE;
sink->transfer_thread =
g_thread_try_new ("Curl Transfer Thread", (GThreadFunc)
sink->transfer_thread = g_thread_try_new ("curl-transfer", (GThreadFunc)
gst_curl_base_sink_transfer_thread_func, sink, &error);
if (sink->transfer_thread == NULL || error != NULL) {
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