Commit 51dc3887 authored by Haihao Xiang's avatar Haihao Xiang Committed by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal
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msdk: correct the error message

It is VPP session instead of Encoder session
parent 718b7d0b
...@@ -754,7 +754,7 @@ gst_msdkvpp_close (GstMsdkVPP * thiz) ...@@ -754,7 +754,7 @@ gst_msdkvpp_close (GstMsdkVPP * thiz)
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (thiz, "Closing VPP 0x%p", thiz->context); GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (thiz, "Closing VPP 0x%p", thiz->context);
status = MFXVideoVPP_Close (gst_msdk_context_get_session (thiz->context)); status = MFXVideoVPP_Close (gst_msdk_context_get_session (thiz->context));
if (status != MFX_ERR_NONE && status != MFX_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED) { if (status != MFX_ERR_NONE && status != MFX_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED) {
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (thiz, "Encoder close failed (%s)", GST_WARNING_OBJECT (thiz, "VPP close failed (%s)",
msdk_status_to_string (status)); msdk_status_to_string (status));
} }
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