Commit 2fd31303 authored by wangfei's avatar wangfei Committed by Sebastian Dröge
Browse files add gst-allocator check in msdk.

With out check gst-allocator, there will be a gst-allocator api
symbol link error when call for
parent d67d866e
......@@ -1046,6 +1046,7 @@ AG_GST_CHECK_FEATURE(TINYALSA, [tinyalsa], tinyalsa, [
dnl check for intel mediasdk
translit(dnm, m, l) AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_MSDK, true)
AG_GST_CHECK_FEATURE(MSDK, [Intel MediaSDK], msdk, [
AG_GST_PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GST_ALLOCATORS, gstreamer-allocators-1.0)
AC_DEFINE([HAVE_GUDEV], 1, [Define if gudev is installed])
HAVE_GUDEV="yes" ],
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