Commit 27ab7fb4 authored by Haihao Xiang's avatar Haihao Xiang Committed by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal
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msdk: adjust the RT format for P010 surface

According to VA API, VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420_10 is expected for P010
parent eeb58f64
......@@ -95,6 +95,9 @@ gst_msdk_frame_alloc (mfxHDL pthis, mfxFrameAllocRequest * req,
format =
gst_msdk_get_va_rt_format_from_mfx_rt_format (req->Info.ChromaFormat);
if (format == VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420 && va_fourcc == VA_FOURCC_P010)
format = VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420_10;
va_status = vaCreateSurfaces (gst_msdk_context_get_handle (context),
req->Info.Width, req->Info.Height, surfaces, surfaces_num, &attrib, 1);
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