Commit 1bfd1b2b authored by Haihao Xiang's avatar Haihao Xiang Committed by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal
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msdk: Make sure a variable is initialized when it is used

Previously alloc_info is initialized when both thiz->initialized
and thiz->allocation_caps are true, but only thiz->initialized is
checked when alloc_info is used.
parent 38cf42f9
......@@ -893,16 +893,17 @@ gst_msdkdec_handle_frame (GstVideoDecoder * decoder, GstVideoCodecFrame * frame)
goto done;
if (thiz->initialized && thiz->allocation_caps)
if (!thiz->initialized)
hard_reset = TRUE;
else if (thiz->allocation_caps) {
gst_video_info_from_caps (&alloc_info, thiz->allocation_caps);
/* Check whether we need complete reset for dynamic resolution change */
if (!thiz->initialized || (thiz->initialized &&
(thiz->param.mfx.FrameInfo.Width >
GST_VIDEO_INFO_WIDTH (&alloc_info)
if (thiz->param.mfx.FrameInfo.Width > GST_VIDEO_INFO_WIDTH (&alloc_info)
|| thiz->param.mfx.FrameInfo.Height >
GST_VIDEO_INFO_HEIGHT (&alloc_info))))
GST_VIDEO_INFO_HEIGHT (&alloc_info))
hard_reset = TRUE;
/* if subclass requested for the force reset */
if (thiz->force_reset_on_res_change)
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