Commit afdd22f7 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey 🤘 Committed by Edward Hervey
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fragmented_nonseekable_sink.mp4.media_info: Fix PTS/DTS

The PTS/DTS no longer reset. Fixed by the following commit:

Commit: 1fc3d42f8ae2e0b5b4241cb42c25806149e9ae45

Author: Jan Schmidt <>
Date:   Sat Jan  7 23:55:42 2017 +1100

qtdemux: Don't reset output timestamps when no tfdt

If a fragmented stream doesn't have a tfdt, don't
reset the output timestamps at each fragment boundary
by erroneously using the default value of 0. Introduced
by commit 69fc48
parent cfeecd00
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