Commit 5cd29dc4 authored by Rhys Perry's avatar Rhys Perry

nir/lower_io_to_vector: add flat mode

This has lower_io_to_vector try to turn variables into arrays of 4-sized
vectors when possible and fall back to the old approach when that isn't

This is so that lower_io_to_vector can guarantee that only one variable is
used for each fragment shader output.

v2: handle dual-source blending
v3: don't try to merge structs and non-32-bit types in get_flat_type()
v3: fix per-vertex inputs
v3: fix and cleanup location advancement in get_flat_type() and it's
    calling code
v4: prioritize the original mode over the flat mode
v4: don't create flat variables to merge only one variable
Signed-off-by: Rhys Perry's avatarRhys Perry <>
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