parsemail: Handle malformed headers better

Some servers have tendency to send non-RFC compliant headers which
causes patchwork to hiccup. Their admins are reluctant to act on it and
we cannot just force whole bunch of users to switch providers.

Let's do our bit of the robustness principle and be more liberal about
what we take.

There are actually two solution in place, one for PY2 and one for PY3.

PY2 is fine with reading the malformed file, but fails at header
encoding, so we just need to catch the exception and discard the header.

PY3 is a bit more complex. Since there were a lot of changes in how
files and strings are handled, we have to read the mail explicitly as
binary otherwise we get decode errors, hence the sys.stdin.buffer.

The changes in the email module and the addition of
message_from_binary_file() takes care of the issue for us.

Signed-off-by: Arkadiusz Hiler <>
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