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The missing link between mailing lists and CI.
Patchwork mainly:
* picks up emails from the mailing list(s) and organizes them in projects and
* exports events through an API for each new series (for CI system consumption)
* makes patches/series available as downloadable mboxes
* provides API endpoint for submitting testing results
* sends those results as a reply to the patch/series on the mailing list
And secondly:
* provides a Web UI to browse, search and download the patches
* give means of tracing patches state, from initial submission to acceptance
It **supplements** mailing lists, not replaces them.
How To?
Check out `docs/` directory. You can find more details and installation guide
This Is A Fork
FDO flavor of Patchwork was forked quite a while ago due to the original
project stagnancy. Since then, the original one picked up on development
speed, going in its own direction. You can check it out here:
Official Patchwork-FDO repository: <>
Freedesktop instance: <>
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