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      models: Copy cover letter when duplicating revision · 70435e50
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      Cover letter is also a part of revision "metadata". Coping it over makes
      the overall experience better - all the meta tags included in the cover
      are preserved and user can see it on revisions caused by a rerun or a
      single patch bump.
      The difference between duplicate_meta and duplicate is that duplicate
      also copies over patches, this may need a better naming.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
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      Do not mark revision having mails with extra tags as strange · 216bfcd4
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      For simple [PATCH xx/yy] we store just [xx/yy] but for more complex
      [PATCH extra xx/yy] it becomes [extra, xx/yy].
      Let's fix the regexp used for extracting patch numbers, so that extra
      tags do not make revision strange.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
    • Arkadiusz Hiler's avatar
      Present series state to the user · 9943ab2c
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      Include information that series is not complete (i.e. we have received
      less patches than expected, basing on the [xx/yy] tag) and that series
      looks "strange" (i.e. ordering may is off or we have got too many
      Changes in logic:
      If we get more patches than expected, *do not* reset status to
      incomplete series, we've got the event for queued already anyway.
      Just consider it "strange".
      Also, let's include information which revision we are rerunning on the
      rerun button.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
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      patch: Implement log events for pull requests · 8d3953ef
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      Add new event type, pull-request-new, for logging incoming pull
      This will allow CI systems to track PRs just as easily as regular
      The change also loosens up constraints imposed on EventLog model - it
      used to assume always having an associated series, which is not true for
      the pull requests. PRs are standalone patches.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
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      pep8: Fix compatiblity with the newest revision · 1450948c
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      Rather crude attempt to make things silent again.
      patchwork/lock.py:232:13: E741 ambiguous variable name 'l'
      patchwork/filters.py:105:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/filters.py:170:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/filters.py:352:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/models.py:344:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/tests/browser.py:26:1: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/tests/test_lock.py:68:9: E741 ambiguous variable name 'l'
      patchwork/bin/parsemail.py:852:5: E741 ambiguous variable name 'l'
      patchwork/bin/parsemail.py:857:5: E741 ambiguous variable name 'l'
      patchwork/bin/parsemail.py:884:5: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/views/api.py:25:1: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/views/bundle.py:76:17: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/views/xmlrpc.py:95:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/views/xmlrpc.py:127:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:271:5: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:279:5: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:357:5: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:549:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:555:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:600:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      patchwork/bin/pwclient:650:5: E722 do not use bare except'
      git-pw/git-pw:540:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      git-pw/git-pw:555:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      git-pw/git-pw:567:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      git-pw/git-pw:586:9: E722 do not use bare except'
      "except Exception" should be chosen more carefully.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
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    • Arkadiusz Hiler's avatar
      models.Person: Quote name in email_name() properly · 067f11a2
      Arkadiusz Hiler authored
      If a person sends out emails with their name using 'Last, First'
      notation, then when we compose email_name() it looks like:
      'Last, First <address@email.tld>'
      When test results are sent out, the above gets appended directly to the
      recipient fields, resulting in emails being sent to 'Last@localhost' and
      'First <address@email.tld>'.
      Let's fix that by always putting the name in the quotes, just like that:
      '"Last, First" <address@email.tld>'
      Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <arkadiusz.hiler@intel.com>
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