Commit 8d4b4c7e authored by Brian Norris's avatar Brian Norris Committed by Jeremy Kerr
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xmlrpc: include UNIX mbox 'From ' header in patch_get_mbox()

This function is misleadingly named 'mbox'; the contents do not begin
with a proper 'From xxx <date>' separator line. (Notably, the mbox
format does not have an authoritative standard, but at least this basic
'separator' construct is noted in


The Message.as_string() function takes an optional [unixfrom] boolean
argument. Let's use it, like we do everywhere else (including in the web
interface 'mbox' link).

Among other things, this means that we can straightforwardly concatenate
the output of patch_get_mbox(), and more tools can use this output

Example header:

>From patchwork Fri Nov 21 18:24:29 2014
Signed-off-by: default avatarBrian Norris <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeremy Kerr <>
parent 5b88d032
......@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ def patch_get_mbox(patch_id):
"""Return mbox string for the given patch ID."""
patch = Patch.objects.filter(id = patch_id)[0]
return patch_to_mbox(patch).as_string()
return patch_to_mbox(patch).as_string(True)
return ""
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