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Commit 6663e3df authored by Arkadiusz Hiler's avatar Arkadiusz Hiler
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Deprecate Python 2

2 months 10 days 6 hours and 41 minutes left. Time to move on.
Signed-off-by: default avatarArkadiusz Hiler <>
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python-dateutil>2.0,<3.0 python-dateutil>2.0,<3.0
djangorestframework>=3.6,<3.7 djangorestframework>=3.6,<3.7
drf-nested-routers drf-nested-routers
jsonfield jsonfield
django-filter>=1.1.0,<1.2.0 django-filter>=1.1.0,<1.2.0
celery>=4.3,<5.0 celery>=4.3,<5.0
django>=1.11,<1.12 django>=1.11,<1.12
psycopg2>=2.7,<2.8 psycopg2>=2.8,<2.9
-r requirements-dev.txt -r requirements-dev.txt
django>=1.11,<1.12 django>=1.11,<1.12
psycopg2>=2.6,<2.7 psycopg2>=2.8,<2.9
-r requirements-base.txt -r requirements-base.txt
[tox] [tox]
minversion = 1.6 minversion = 1.6
envlist = py{27,37}-django111, pep8 envlist = py37-django111, pep8
skipsdist = True skipsdist = True
[testenv] [testenv]
...@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ commands = pylint --rcfile=pylint.rc --load-plugins pylint_django {posargs:patch ...@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ commands = pylint --rcfile=pylint.rc --load-plugins pylint_django {posargs:patch
commands = {posargs} commands = {posargs}
[testenv:coverage] [testenv:coverage]
basepython = python2.7 basepython = python3.7
deps = deps =
coverage coverage
-r{toxinidir}/docs/requirements-prod-mysql.txt -r{toxinidir}/docs/requirements-prod-mysql.txt
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