1. 03 May, 2018 6 commits
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      Fix fragment job offset · 158f2f0f
      Connor Abbott authored
      Unlike the vertex/tiler jobs, which are different on 32-bit and 64-bit,
      the fragment payload is simple enough that it's the same, so there's an
      extra 32 bits of padding after the next-job pointer on 32-bit.
      Previously, that padding was hard-coded into the payload structure, but
      we don't want it to exist on 64-bit, since then the payload structure
      would have to be different on 32 and 64 bit for no good reason. Just
      make the decoder adjust the padding itself.
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      panwrap: Start plumbing through Bifrost stuff · 30c873c1
      Connor Abbott authored
      The trace won't compile, of course, but it's a start. The actual
      mali-job.h changes will come later.
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      panwrap: Deal with 64-bit issues · e1a350a2
      Connor Abbott authored
      mem alloc ioctl's weren't actually getting decoded, probably because of
      how the IOWR_* expect the argument to be long sized (I dunno...)
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      Fix various compiler warnings · 9df30904
      Connor Abbott authored
      Mostly related to wrong printf arguments.
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      Check for threads correctly · bc1ecaae
      Connor Abbott authored
      Android doesn't have -lpthread, you just pass -pthread instead. Meson
      already has a way of dealing with this.
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