Commit e1a350a2 authored by Connor Abbott's avatar Connor Abbott

panwrap: Deal with 64-bit issues

mem alloc ioctl's weren't actually getting decoded, probably because of
how the IOWR_* expect the argument to be long sized (I dunno...)
parent 9df30904
......@@ -956,12 +956,13 @@ static char *panwrap_lower_string(const char *str)
static int ioctl_count = 0;
/* XXX: Android has a messed up ioctl signature */
int ioctl(int fd, int request, ...)
int ioctl(int fd, int _request, ...)
const char *name;
char *lname;
int number;
unsigned long int request = _request;
int ioc_size = _IOC_SIZE(request);
int ret;
void *ptr;
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