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  14. 29 Jul, 2018 4 commits
    • Connor Abbott's avatar
      panwrap: Use texture/sampler count when dumping · 391f6c15
      Connor Abbott authored
      Rather than hardcoding it
    • Connor Abbott's avatar
      unknown1 -> uniform_buffers · 4ba0b562
      Connor Abbott authored
      Also, document the reg_preload field of shader_meta.
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      panwrap: Decode compute jobs · 895b4840
      Connor Abbott authored
      It turns out that compute jobs reuse the same format as vertex jobs, so
      this also lets us decode some previously unknown fields in
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      panwrap: Rewrite panwrap decoding and add Bifrost support · 0dddbcdf
      Connor Abbott authored
      In order to properly support 64-bit jobs as well as Bifrost, a number of
      structures need to be moved around, split, etc. which requires a lot of
      shuffling things around. I think this would probably be hard to untangle
      from the actual new Bifrost bits, so I've left everything together in
      one commit. The list of things changed includes:
      - To save some space due to the larger pointers, vertex and tiler jobs
        no longer have the same layout (i.e. common fields like shader_meta,
        etc. no longer have the same offset). A few of the tiler-only fields
        and vertex-only fields now overlap. The tiler job structure is much
        larger than the vertex job structure, although most of the new fields
        are zero for the things I've tried so far. It's not clear whether this
        also also happens on Midgard 64-bit jobs. In addition, there is a new
        Bifrost-only fused job type, where the common fields in the beginning
        are shared. The end result is that there is now a common prefix,
        followed by tiler-only or vertex-only fields (or both, for Midgard),
        and then a common postfix.
      - For Bifrost, we no longer have to make a special incomplete FBD just
        for vertex and tiler jobs. Instead, the relevant fields (tiler_meta
        and the scratchpad) have been moved out into separate structures, and
        removed from the FBD when not needed for fragment jobs.
      - There is no Bifrost driver that uses the SFBD, so we need to decode
        the MFBD now.
  15. 28 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'bifrost-asm-fixes' into 'develop' · a9ca7ce2
      Connor Abbott authored
      Bifrost assembler fixes
      See merge request !15
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      bifrost/asm: Fix problem with the constant quadword format · a170fbb3
      Connor Abbott authored
      It turns out that when using the constant quadword format, we sometimes
      need to swap the first and second constants in the quadword, or else
      some of the bits are corrupted when loading either constant. Doing this
      is tricky, since it has to happen before encoding the instructions
      (because we need to know which slot to load constants from) and hence we
      have to duplicate some of the logic for encoding immediates to figure
      out ahead of time which constants get grouped together. We also have to
      insert dummy constants earlier, since a dummy constant may have to be
      swapped with a non-dummy one.
  16. 25 Jul, 2018 2 commits