1. 05 Jun, 2012 3 commits
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  3. 03 May, 2012 1 commit
    • Kristian H. Kristensen's avatar
      gbm: Add gbm_bo_write entry point · 4fddb2ba
      Kristian H. Kristensen authored
      This new gbm entry point allows writing data into a gbm bo.  The bo has
      to be created with the GBM_BO_USE_WRITE flag, and it's only required to
      work for GBM_BO_USE_CURSOR_64X64 bos.
      The gbm API is designed to be the glue layer between EGL and KMS, but there
      was never a mechanism initialize a buffer suitable for use with KMS
      hw cursors.  The hw cursor bo is typically not compatible with anything EGL
      can render to, and thus there's no way to get data into such a bo.
      gbm_bo_write() fills that gap while staying out of the efficient
      cpu->gpu pixel transfer business.
      Reviewed-by: default avatarAnder Conselvan de Oliveira <conselvan2@gmail.com>
  4. 30 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  5. 13 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • Tom Stellard's avatar
      radeonsi: initial WIP SI code · a75c6163
      Tom Stellard authored
      This commit adds initial support for acceleration
      on SI chips.  egltri is starting to work.
      The SI/R600 llvm backend is currently included in mesa
      but that may change in the future.
      The plan is to write a single gallium driver and
      use gallium to support X acceleration.
      This commit contains patches from:
      Tom Stellard <thomas.stellard@amd.com>
      Michel Dänzer <michel.daenzer@amd.com>
      Alex Deucher <alexander.deucher@amd.com>
      Vadim Girlin <vadimgirlin@gmail.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Deucher <alexander.deucher@amd.com>
      The following commits were squashed in:
      radeonsi: Remove unused winsys pointer
      This was removed from r600g in commit:
      commit 96d88293
      Author: Marek Olšák <maraeo@gmail.com>
      Date:   Fri Feb 17 01:49:49 2012 +0100
          gallium: remove unused winsys pointers in pipe_screen and pipe_context
          A winsys is already a private object of a driver.
      radeonsi: Copy color clamping CAPs from r600
      Not sure if the values of these CAPS are correct for radeonsi, but the
      same changed were made to r600g in commit:
      commit bc1c8369
      Author: Marek Olšák <maraeo@gmail.com>
      Date:   Mon Jan 23 03:11:17 2012 +0100
          st/mesa: do vertex and fragment color clamping in shaders
          For ARB_color_buffer_float. Most hardware can't do it and st/mesa is
          the perfect place for a fallback.
          The exceptions are:
          - r500 (vertex clamp only)
          - nv50 (both)
          - nvc0 (both)
          - softpipe (both)
          We also have to take into account that r300 can do CLAMPED vertex colors only,
          while r600 can do UNCLAMPED vertex colors only. The difference can be expressed
          with the two new CAPs.
      radeonsi: Remove PIPE_CAP_OUTPUT_READ
      This CAP was dropped in commit:
      commit 04e32400
      Author: Marek Olšák <maraeo@gmail.com>
      Date:   Thu Feb 23 23:44:36 2012 +0100
          gallium: remove PIPE_SHADER_CAP_OUTPUT_READ
          r600g is the only driver which has made use of it. The reason the CAP was
          added was to fix some piglit tests when the GLSL pass lower_output_reads
          didn't exist.
          However, not removing output reads breaks the fallback for glClampColorARB,
          which assumes outputs are not readable. The fix would be non-trivial
          and my personal preference is to remove the CAP, considering that reading
          outputs is uncommon and that we can now use lower_output_reads to fix
          the issue that the CAP was supposed to workaround in the first place.
      radeonsi: Add missing parameters to rws->buffer_get_tiling() call
      This was changed in commit:
      commit c0c979ee
      Author: Jerome Glisse <jglisse@redhat.com>
      Date:   Mon Jan 30 17:22:13 2012 -0500
          r600g: add support for common surface allocator for tiling v13
          Tiled surface have all kind of alignment constraint that needs to
          be met. Instead of having all this code duplicated btw ddx and
          mesa use common code in libdrm_radeon this also ensure that both
          ddx and mesa compute those alignment in the same way.
          v2 fix evergreen
          v3 fix compressed texture and workaround cube texture issue by
             disabling 2D array mode for cubemap (need to check if r7xx and
             newer are also affected by the issue)
          v4 fix texture array
          v5 fix evergreen and newer, split surface values computation from
             mipmap tree generation so that we can get them directly from the
          v6 final fix to evergreen tile split value
          v7 fix mipmap offset to avoid to use random value, use color view
             depth view to address different layer as hardware is doing some
             magic rotation depending on the layer
          v8 fix COLOR_VIEW on r6xx for linear array mode, use COLOR_VIEW on
             evergreen, align bytes per pixel to a multiple of a dword
          v9 fix handling of stencil on evergreen, half fix for compressed
          v10 fix evergreen compressed texture proper support for stencil
              tile split. Fix stencil issue when array mode was clear by
              the kernel, always program stencil bo. On evergreen depth
              buffer bo need to be big enough to hold depth buffer + stencil
              buffer as even with stencil disabled things get written there.
          v11 rebase on top of mesa, fix pitch issue with 1d surface on evergreen,
              old ddx overestimate those. Fix linear case when pitch*height < 64.
              Fix r300g.
          v12 Fix linear case when pitch*height < 64 for old path, adapt to
              libdrm API change
          v13 add libdrm check
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJerome Glisse <jglisse@redhat.com>
      This was removed in commit:
      commit 62f44f67
      Author: Marek Olšák <maraeo@gmail.com>
      Date:   Mon Mar 5 13:45:00 2012 +0100
          Revert "gallium: add flag PIPE_TRANSFER_MAP_PERMANENTLY"
          This reverts commit 09500863.
          It was decided to refactor the transfer API instead of adding workarounds
          to address the performance issues.
      radeonsi: Handle PIPE_VIDEO_CAP_PREFERED_FORMAT.
      Reintroduced in commit 9d9afcb5.
      radeonsi: nuke the fallback for vertex and fragment color clamping
      Ported from r600g commit c2b800cf.
      radeonsi: don't expose transform_feedback2 without kernel support
      Ported from r600g commit 15146fd1.
      radeonsi: Handle PIPE_CAP_GLSL_FEATURE_LEVEL.
      Ported from r600g part of commit 171be755.
      radeonsi: set minimum point size to 1.0 for non-sprite non-aa points.
      Ported from r600g commit f183cc9c.
      radeonsi: rework and consolidate stencilref state setting.
      Ported from r600g commit a2361946.
      radeonsi: cleanup setting DB_SHADER_CONTROL.
      Ported from r600g commit 3d061caa.
      radeonsi: Get rid of register masks.
      Ported from r600g commits
      radeonsi: get rid of r600_context_reg.
      Ported from r600g commits
      radeonsi: Fix regression from 'Get rid of register masks'.
      radeonsi: optimize r600_resource_va.
      Ported from r600g commit 669d8766.
      radeonsi: remove u8,u16,u32,u64 types.
      Ported from r600g commit 78293b99.
      radeonsi: merge r600_context with r600_pipe_context.
      Ported from r600g commit e4340c19.
      radeonsi: Miscellaneous context cleanups.
      Ported from r600g commits
      radeonsi: add a new simple API for state emission.
      Ported from r600g commits
      radeonsi: Also remove sbu_flags member of struct r600_reg.
      Requires using sid.h instead of r600d.h for the new CP_COHER_CNTL definitions,
      so some code needs to be disabled for now.
      radeonsi: Miscellaneous simplifications.
      Ported from r600g commits 38bf2763 and
      Ported from commit 8b4f7b06.
      radeonsi: Use a fake reloc to sleep for fences.
      Ported from r600g commit 8cd03b93.
      radeonsi: adapt to get_query_result interface change.
      Ported from r600g commit 4445e170.
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    • Jesse Barnes's avatar
      gbm: track buffer format through DRI drivers · 8de5c355
      Jesse Barnes authored
      GBM needs the buffer format in order to communicate with DRM and clients
      for things like scanout.
      So track the DRI format requested in the various back ends and use it to
      return the DRI format back to GBM when requested.  GBM will then map
      this into the GBM surface type (which is in turn based on the DRM fb
      format list).
      Signed-off-by: Jesse Barnes's avatarJesse Barnes <jbarnes@virtuousgeek.org>
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  16. 25 Nov, 2011 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      android: add support for ICS · 75cc24c8
      Chia-I Wu authored
      With ICS (Android 4.0), several headers and structs are renamed.  Define
      ANDROID_VERSION so that we can choose a different path depending on the
      platform version.
      I've tested only softpipe and llvmpipe.  r600g is also reported to work.
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    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      dri2: add __DRI_IMAGE_FORMAT_ABGR8888 to __DRI_IMAGE · e3cf7b69
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Add a new format token, __DRI_IMAGE_FORMAT_ABGR8888, to __DRI_IMAGE.  It
      maps to MESA_FORMAT_RGBA8888_REV in core mesa or
      PIPE_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM in gallium.  The format is used by
      translucent surfaces on Android.
  24. 06 Sep, 2011 1 commit
  25. 30 Aug, 2011 1 commit
    • José Fonseca's avatar
      gdi: Remove mesa_wgl.h · d290febd
      José Fonseca authored
      All commonly used windows toolchains define wgl entrypoints in the windows
      headers, and mesa_wgl.h not only is unnecessary but actually often stands
      in the waydue to slight inconsistencies.
      So remove it.
  26. 27 Aug, 2011 3 commits
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  31. 14 Jul, 2011 1 commit
    • Jose Fonseca's avatar
      Squashed commit of the following: · 9a7f84d6
      Jose Fonseca authored
      commit 1856230d9fa61710cce3e152b8d88b1269611a73
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 12 23:41:27 2011 +0100
          make: Use better var names on packaging.
      commit d1ae72d0bd14e820ecfe9f8f27b316f9566ceb0c
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Tue Jul 12 23:38:21 2011 +0100
          make: Apply several of Dan Nicholson's suggestions.
      commit f27cf8743ac9cbf4c0ad66aff0cd3f97efde97e4
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jul 9 14:18:20 2011 +0100
          make: Put back the tar.bz2 creation rule.
          Removed by accident.
      commit 34983337f9d7db984e9f0117808274106d262110
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jul 9 11:59:29 2011 +0100
          make: Determine tarballs contents via git ls-files.
          The wildcards were a mess:
          - lots of files for non Linux platforms missing
          - several files listed and archived twice
          Using git-ls-files ensures things are not loss when making the tarballs.
      commit 34a28ccbf459ed5710aafba5e7149e8291cb808c
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jul 9 11:07:14 2011 +0100
          glut: Remove GLUT source.
          Most distros ship freeglut, and most people don't care one vs the other,
          and it hasn't been really maintained.
          So it is better to have Mesa GLUT be revisioned and built separately
          from Mesa.
      commit 5c26a2c3c0c7e95ef853e19d12d75c4f80137e7d
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jul 9 10:31:02 2011 +0100
          Ignore the tarballs.
      commit 26edecac589819f0d0efe2165ab748dbc4e53394
      Author: José Fonseca <jose.r.fonseca@gmail.com>
      Date:   Sat Jul 9 10:30:24 2011 +0100
          make: Create the Mesa-xxx-devel symlink automatically.
          Also actually remote the intermediate uncompressed tarballs.
  32. 11 Jul, 2011 1 commit