1. 24 Jul, 2009 6 commits
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  3. 22 Jul, 2009 10 commits
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      softpipe: shortcircuit repeated lookups of the same tile · f911c3b9
      Keith Whitwell authored
      The sp_tile_cache is often called repeatedly to look up the same
      tile.  Add a cache (to the cache) of the single tile most recently
      retreived and make a quick inline check to see if this matches the
      subsequent request.
      Add a tile_address bitfield struct to make this check easier.
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      softpipe: simplify flush_spans · 73e73563
      Keith Whitwell authored
      No loss of performance, but simpler code.
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      softpipe: make some small steps to flush texture cache less frequently · b5d583ef
      Keith Whitwell authored
      No performance gain yet, but the code is a bit cleaner.
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      gallium/xlib: use XSHM for swapbuffers · 07bb0269
      Keith Whitwell authored
      Makes some difference, but suprisingly little.  Barely worth the effort.
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      util: _debug_printf should print even when DEBUG is not defined · 0ac879dc
      Keith Whitwell authored
      The leading underscore is meaningful...  This function is used by
      _warning and _error functions as well as the more common
      debug_printf (without underscore) gets turned off when DEBUG is
      disabled, but warning/error messages still use this function to get
      their message out.
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      softpipe: remove backwards dependency from tilecache to softpipe · aa5db684
      Keith Whitwell authored
      The tile cache is a utility, it shouldn't know anything about the
      entity which is making use of it (ie softpipe).
      Remove softpipe parameter to all the tilecache function calls, and
      also remove the need to keep a softpipe pointer in the sampler structs.
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      gallium: remove multiple aliases for TGSI opcodes · ede9f3b5
      Keith Whitwell authored
      This is a source of ongoing confusion.  TGSI has multiple names for
      opcodes where the same semantics originate in multiple shader APIs.
      For instance, TGSI includes both Mesa/GLSL and DX/SM30 names for
      opcodes with the same semantics, but aliases those names to the same
      underlying opcode number.
      This makes it very difficult to visually inspect two sets of opcodes
      (eg in state tracker & driver) and check if they implement the same
      This patch arbitarily rips out the versions of the opcodes not currently
      favoured by the mesa state tracker and leaves us with a single name
      for each distinct operation.
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      gallium: simplify tgsi_full_immediate struct · fd31f92c
      Keith Whitwell authored
      Remove the need to have a pointer in this struct by just including
      the immediate data inline.  Having a pointer in the struct introduces
      complications like needing to alloc/free the data pointed to, uncertainty
      about who owns the data, etc.  There doesn't seem to be a need for it,
      and it is unlikely to make much difference plus or minus to performance.
      Added some asserts as we now will trip up on immediates with more
      than four elements.  There were actually already quite a few such asserts,
      but the >4 case could be used in the future to specify indexable immediate
      ranges, such as lookup tables.
  4. 21 Jul, 2009 14 commits
  5. 20 Jul, 2009 8 commits