1. 13 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      egl/wayland: Avoid race conditions when on non-main thread · 36b9976e
      Jonas Ådahl authored
      When EGL is used on some other thread than the thread that drives the
      main wl_display queue, the Wayland EGL dri2 implementation is
      vulnerable to a race condition related to display round trips and global
      object advertisements.
      The race that may happen is that after after a proxy is created, but
      before the queue is set, events meant to be emitted via the yet to be
      set queue may already have been queued on the wrong queue.
      In order to make it possible to avoid this race, wayland 1.11
      introduced new API that allows creating a proxy wrapper that may be used
      as the factory proxy when creating new proxies via Wayland requests. The
      queue of a proxy wrapper can be changed without effecting what queue
      events emitted by the actual proxy will be queued on, while still
      effecting what default queue proxies created from it will have.
      By introducing a wl_display proxy wrapper and using this when performing
      round trips (via wl_display_sync()) and retrieving the global objects (via
      wl_display_get_registry()), the mentioned race condition is avoided.
      Signed-off-by: Jonas Ådahl's avatarJonas Ådahl <jadahl@gmail.com>
      Cc: mesa-stable@lists.freedesktop.org
      Reviewed-by: Daniel Stone's avatarDaniel Stone <daniels@collabora.com>
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      Revert "configure.ac: honour LLVM_LIBDIR when linking against LLVM" · 0187f884
      Emil Velikov authored
      This reverts commit a39ad185.
      The commit aims to address "missing" -L/foo/bar during linking stage. At
      the same time it doesn't add the -L and yet the LLVM_LDFLAGS [which
      provide -L/foo/bar] are already used throughout.
      Seems like something pretty unique (broken?) on my end. Since the commit
      introduces issues (due to the missing -L) revert until we get to the
      root of it (PEBKAC or a genuine issue).
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