Commit e23608db authored by Gurchetan Singh's avatar Gurchetan Singh Committed by Emil Velikov Don't look for pthreads in Android platform

In Android, the pthreads libs are in bionic.  When building
Mesa for Android with the autotools workflow, we shouldn't
set -lpthread or -pthread.

[Emil Velikov]
Other platforms could use a similar fix, although that is left as
separate exercise.
Reviewed-by: 's avatarEmil Velikov <>
parent e73513f3
......@@ -823,8 +823,11 @@ if test "x$ax_pthread_ok" = xno; then
dnl AX_PTHREADS leaves PTHREAD_LIBS empty for gcc and sets PTHREAD_CFLAGS
dnl to -pthread, which causes problems if we need -lpthread to appear in
dnl pkgconfig files.
test -z "$PTHREAD_LIBS" && PTHREAD_LIBS="-lpthread"
dnl pkgconfig files. Since Android doesn't have a pthread lib, this check
dnl is not valid for that platform.
if test "x$android" = xno; then
test -z "$PTHREAD_LIBS" && PTHREAD_LIBS="-lpthread"
dnl pthread-stubs is mandatory on targets where it exists
case "$host_os" in
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