Commit d5c1801a authored by Tapani Pälli's avatar Tapani Pälli Committed by Eric Anholt

android: fix the build

Some more of the files are now autogenerated, this caused build breakage,
patch adds generation of these missing files. Patch also changes existing
make so that the files are created to be part of the local source
(not intermediate directory, this causes several problems).
Signed-off-by: Tapani Pälli's avatarTapani Pälli <>
parent e2c08e82
......@@ -28,16 +28,13 @@ LOCAL_MODULE_CLASS := STATIC_LIBRARIES
intermediates := $(call local-intermediates-dir)
mydir := $(call my-dir)
sources := \
main/api_exec_es1.c \
main/api_exec_es1_dispatch.h \
main/api_exec_es1_remap_helper.h \
main/api_exec_es2.c \
main/api_exec_es2_dispatch.h \
main/api_exec_es2_remap_helper.h \
program/lex.yy.c \
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(filter-out $(sources), $(LOCAL_SRC_FILES))
......@@ -53,6 +50,7 @@ endif
sources += main/git_sha1.h
sources := $(addprefix $(intermediates)/, $(sources))
glapi := $(MESA_TOP)/src/mapi/glapi/gen
......@@ -73,43 +71,31 @@ define es-gen
$(hide) $(PRIVATE_SCRIPT) $(1) $(PRIVATE_XML) > $@
define local-l-to-c
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@echo "Mesa Lex: $(PRIVATE_MODULE) <= $<"
$(hide) $(LEX) -o$@ $<
define local-y-to-c-and-h
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@echo "Mesa Yacc: $(PRIVATE_MODULE) <= $<"
$(hide) $(YACC) -o $@ $<
define generate-local
@echo "generate local sources"
$(hide) $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(glapi)/ -f $(glapi)/gl_and_es_API.xml > $(mydir)/main/enums.c
$(hide) $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(glapi)/ -m remap_table -f $(glapi)/gl_and_es_API.xml > $(mydir)/main/dispatch.h
$(hide) $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(glapi)/ -f $(glapi)/gl_API.xml > $(mydir)/main/remap_helper.h
$(hide) $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(mydir)/main/ -V GLES1.1 -S $(mydir)/main/APIspec.xml > $(mydir)/main/api_exec_es1.c
$(hide) $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(mydir)/main/ -V GLES2.0 -S $(mydir)/main/APIspec.xml > $(mydir)/main/api_exec_es2.c
@echo "Mesa Lex : $(PRIVATE_MODULE)"
$(hide) $(LEX) -o $(mydir)/program/lex.yy.c $(mydir)/program/program_lexer.l
@echo "Mesa Yacc: $(PRIVATE_MODULE)"
$(hide) $(YACC) -d -o $(mydir)/program/ $(mydir)/program/program_parse.y
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%.c: PRIVATE_SCRIPT := $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(LOCAL_PATH)/main/
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%.c: PRIVATE_XML := -S $(LOCAL_PATH)/main/APIspec.xml
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_dispatch.h: PRIVATE_SCRIPT := $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(glapi)/
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_dispatch.h: PRIVATE_XML := -f $(glapi)/gl_and_es_API.xml
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_remap_helper.h: PRIVATE_SCRIPT := $(MESA_PYTHON2) $(glapi)/
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_remap_helper.h: PRIVATE_XML := -f $(glapi)/gl_and_es_API.xml
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_es1.c: $(es_src_deps)
$(call es-gen,-V GLES1.1)
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_es2.c: $(es_src_deps)
$(call es-gen,-V GLES2.0)
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_dispatch.h: $(es_hdr_deps)
$(call es-gen, -c $* -m remap_table)
$(intermediates)/main/api_exec_%_remap_helper.h: $(es_hdr_deps)
$(call es-gen, -c $*)
$(intermediates)/program/ $(LOCAL_PATH)/program/program_parse.y
$(intermediates)/program/lex.yy.c: $(LOCAL_PATH)/program/program_lexer.l
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@echo "GIT-SHA1: $(PRIVATE_MODULE) <= git"
......@@ -129,3 +115,4 @@ $(intermediates)/x86/matypes.h: $(matypes_deps)
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@echo "MATYPES: $(PRIVATE_MODULE) <= $(notdir $@)"
$(hide) $< > $@
$(call generate-local)
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